What is Party for the Soul?

Party for the Soul '18.jpg


Great parties are made up of great people and THAT'S WHY YOU ARE INVITED! 

In today's world, in YOUR world, you are faced with some tough issues, tough circumstances, tough times. Whether you are watching the news, navigating life or simply on Facebook, your SOUL takes it all in. 

We thought we'd throw your SOUL a party! It's as simple as that. We, at Third Chair, are connected to some of the most talented artists in the world. These ministers of beauty bring life-giving images, sounds and movement to our weary world. At Party for the Soul they will bring it directly to you in our backyard. 

And while we are "Feeding our Souls" with great music, fun conversation, beautiful live art, world class street dance,  food & drink, it supports Third Chair, a 501-C3 Non-Profit that pours time, experience, connections & wisdom into the hearts and imaginations of creative people all over the world. How cool is that!



Third Chair is a non-profit organization working with some of today's established and emerging artists of all disciplines throughout the world. These musicians, bands, singer-songwriters, authors, filmmakers, actors, visual artists, technical artists and dancers all possess this God-given ability to make our world a more beautiful and love-filled place. Third Chair is the expression of Roy & Christine Cochran's heart for this creative community. It's an avenue in which every act of our creativity - from writing to painting, from music to parenting - to be enhanced by the reality of Living Loved, the Hope it affords, and the future it offers.


Party for the Soul is a FREE event. We are counting on the fact that people ARE be generous when they are in a generous environment. We are desiring to raise some serious cash to benefit Third Chair, the Artists we support and this Party's CAUSE .  So, please consider being a blessing by making a generous donation. Bring what is in your heart to give. If $15-$20 is all you can manage, please come to the party. Many people were dropping $50 & $100 into the donation jar. (donate) We are also looking for CORPORATE SPONSORS to help underwrite these life-giving events. This is a grass-roots effort so if you would like to come along side PARTY FOR THE SOUL with something YOU could add to the Party, please contact Roy Cochran.


BYOB - Bring Your Own Beverage - Like most great parties, we collaborate. So bring your favorite libation to share with some fiends.

Our friends, Tim & Beth Moseley, who are local brewers coming to Party for the Soul, just bottled some of their creations to share! They are bringing a SMASH Brut Grisette. It was fermented with champagne yeast and hopped with Simcoe hops. This is a light, refreshing and dry summer beer with hints of a light Belgian farmhouse ale. This along with my Valencia IPA and Pretzel Wheat Ale will be served at Party for the Soul on August 18th. Be sure to try out their latest creations!


Food Creatively Prepared - We bring in an ARTIST who's gifting is FOOD!  This year, it's Adam Gilly, owner of Fifty Two East, the best restaurant in East County San Diego! Every great party also always has great FOOD. The best conversations happen at a table where food and conversation both flow freely. Chef Adam is dreaming up some amazing dishes to serve up at Party for the Soul!