Cultivating the Spiritual Life and Creative Work of Artists

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Cultivating the Spiritual Life & Creative Work of Artists.
A week ago we were in Redding CA taking our son Trevor up there for his first year at BSSM, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. (That experience could be a whole newsletter in itself.) While there, Christine picked up a book, "Encountering God through Dance." In her book, Saara Taina shared a truth that really spoke to me as a creative and as one who is called to mentor and pastor creatives.

In a chapter titled "Setting the Artists Free from Captivity" she sights Jeremiah 24 where Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, had conquered and taken over Judah. Nebuchadnezzar had taken the king of Judah, the officials, the craftsmen, and the artisans into exile. It's pretty obvious why he wanted to take the king and the officials, but why bother dragging along the craftsmen and the artisans? Aren't they quite an insignificant bunch of people for this king among his enemies? No, not at all! Creativity is very powerful. Artists also have a significant role in the Kingdom of God. I think the enemy still has the same strategy to take the leaders and the artists in the Kingdom captive.


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Most days, Roy can be found speaking with a musician, a worship leader, a visual artist, tech director, an author or writer in a coffee house in Southern California about their life, their art and their relationship with God. Many or most have devoted their full time hours vocationally as an artist. Many serve in churches. Many do not. They all have three things in common. First, they are all gifted artists in their area of creativity. Second, they all desire to connect their life and art more with God. Third, someone introduced them to Roy. 

Roy believes God deeply loves artists. Not more than any other people but uniquely because of the intentional way He fashioned and created them to be ministers of beauty.


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