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2015 June / July News

#LOVE looks like something

Our Sunday Evening #LoveLooksLikeSomething Gathering with Mark Hendrickson

GATHERINGS have been a normal part of my life for over 20 years. Whether it was hundreds of people coming together to worship and grow or a couple of us in a coffee shop, I LOVE being part of the gathering of people. I always have. There is something so encouraging and life-giving when you are around someone who's heart is alive to the Love of God! Whether they are the person worshipping with total abandonment next to you in church or the person who has that sparkle in their eyes when they speak of their relationship with the Lord over coffee, I am inspired when I'm around people who are loving God and whom are being loved by Him. Love that is responded to with love will always be life-giving.

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What Others Say . . .

Listen to Joey O'Connor and Guest Artists share about Roy's impact on their lives

 "few people have lived a life of such significance and impact"
Monty Kelso - SlingshotGroup

 "a spiritual father and mentor"
Stephen Proctor -

"we are so grateful for how God has used Roy to encourage and challenge us as leaders and artists" 
Aaron & Lauren Flores -Worship Leaders / SingerSongwriters

"spending time with Roy always reminds me that I am loved by my Father in Heaven"
Nick Greenwood - RYFO


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Most days, Roy can be found speaking with a musician, a worship leader, a visual artist, tech director, an author or writer in a coffee house in Southern California about their life, their art and their relationship with God. Many or most have devoted their full time hours vocationally as an artist. Many serve in churches. Many do not. They all have three things in common. First, they are all gifted artists in their area of creativity. Second, they all desire to connect their life and art more with God. Third, someone introduced them to Roy. 

Roy believes God deeply loves artists. Not more than any other people but uniquely because of the intentional way He fashioned and created them to be ministers of beauty.


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