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    Live Performance Art                          Music                                          Dance

          Thomas Clark                            Chris Falson                            Bradley Rapier


ART • Thomas is designing another amazing collaborative art piece that YOU can help create!

music • Chris is pulling together a great band! You can sing along with them as well as dance to the music!

Dance • Bradley's world-class experience as a dancer/choreographer will get everyone finding theor groove . 

*Additional Special Guests to be announced


Thomas Clark - Live Performance Artist

With over 35 years in a variety of visual arts disciplines, Thomas feels his diversity of creative ventures add more color to his palette with each discipline helping creatively inform and add depth and complexity to the other. 

In PERFORMANCE ART, Thomas has painted canvases in front of a small group of worshipers at a church in Tijuana, Mexico to a Salvation Army national conference of 12,000 in Atlanta, GA. and from a remote orphanage in Sudai, Russia to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for a Christmas production at the Billy Graham Training Center (The Cove). His live paintings have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations and entertained thousands at jazz festivals, conferences and corporate events in 21 states and 3 countries.

He has designed stages across the country for Promise Keepers where he witnessed spiritual transformation and racial reconciliation (738,000 men at 13 conferences in Detroit, Los Angeles, Boise, Washington, D.C., Houston, Denver, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Petersburg, Oakland and Irving), designed for multiple events at Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine, CA and more recently Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa, CA.  

He has transformed ENVIRONMENTS from meeting places to imaginative spaces at churches and other venues in Raleigh, NC, St. Louis, MO, Omaha, NB and multiple southern CA locations. 

Thomas created the BRANDING and PROMOTION materials for Lite Beach Club, the first corporate funded beach volleyball tour for Miller Brewing Co. and also was involved in the Rock the Vote launch for MTV with logo, promotion and APPAREL DESIGN. He also helped with conceptual designs for the opening of the Indiana Jones Adventure ride for Disneyland and logo design for their 50th anniversary.

Cirque du Soleil • Warner Bros Music • Random Hill Publishing • Sony • Toshiba • Coors Brewing Co. • Word Music • Maranatha!Music • Zondervan Publications

“What art offers is space–a certain breathing room for the spirit.”  John Updike


Bradley "Shooz" Rapier - Award  Winning Choreographer

Bradley “Shooz” Rapier, most recently scene in a pink shirt on the freeway dancing in La La Land, is a creative director, producer, choreographer, educator and motivational speaker driven to connect others to the rich grooves and powerful spirit behind Hip Hop dance. An international performer with over twenty five years experience in street dance cultures, Mr. Rapier is the founder and artistic director of the award winning group, The Groovaloos. His direction has led them to featured performances on such television shows as Dancing With The StarsSo You Think You Can DanceJimmy FallonEllenThe Wayne Brady Show, and as Grand Champions on Superstars of Dance. He is also creator and director of choreography for their Off Broadway and World Dance Award winning touring production of GROOVALOO

Mr. Rapier has been a launching pad for countless individuals in the dance world for over two decades, providing support and key creative platforms for members of The JabbaWockeez, SuperCr3w, BeatFreaks, The LXD, ILuminate and more. On the theatre front Mr. Rapier is an Ovation Award and two-time NAACP Award winner for Best Musical Choreography. In 2013 he was nominated for a Craig Noel Award for Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robots at The La Jolla Playhouse, and his work appeared on Broadway in 2012 in Jesus Christ Superstar, for which he was associate choreographer. As part of the Adjunct Faculty he taught dance courses at The University of Southern California for six years, and for the past three years has been the Creative Director of the bold new dance company, Cantinas Dance Project, a group of diverse dancers determined to use their art form to ignite and inspire a generation. 

“It’s not the move, it’s the groove!” Bradley is passionate in his belief that incredible analogies and life lessons within the grooves of freestyle dance are accessible to all with the ability to lead people into new levels of authenticity and freedom. His vibrant approach to dance and life is infectious.