Third Chair News Autumn 2018 from Roy & Christine

“love” by Maria Sainz

“love” by Maria Sainz

He is loving you RIGHT NOW

So WHEN did that reality stop wrecking us?
When did it become a truth to believe versus a wonder to walk in?
When did we reduce our expectation of a relational encounter with the Love of God just to our weekly sung worship service?

God IS loving you RIGHT now!


Roy & Christine sharing at Party for the soul

I know most of you reading this AGREE with the truth that God is loving you because God is love, right? This truth lives in your head. God's invitation to us is a RELATIONSHIP where love is given and received by both parties. 
How or why have our hearts grown numb to that transformational invitation?
What happened? What IS happening?
When did we begin to believe THIS kind of relationship with God is rare?
I hope you are experiencing Him loving you most everyday in a variety of creative, transformational pathways into His presence. But . . . there are still some questions I continue to wrestle with in my own relationship with God. I’m detangling from some older mindsets & practices of what I thought it meant to be an “evangelical christian”, what I would call my “religious ones”. Discovering new and ancient biblical practices & perspectives that lead me into “relational encounters” with God and people, those I’m continuing to embrace.

Author, Wayne Jacobsen puts it this way: Relationship Not Religion! We are passionately committed to help people discover the joy and freedom of relational Christianity. It is our firm conviction that Jesus’ death on the cross was to prepare for each of us a dwelling place in the heart of a loving Father and to free us to the kinds of relationships that can share his life with other believers and with the world.

By relational Christianity we mean:

  • A personal friendship with Father, Son and Spirit. These are not just words to describe Christianity, but the very way he has called us to live.

  • Healthy relationships with other believers. Many today think fellowship is nothing more than attending the same service together, when it is meant to be so much more.

  • Friendships with people in the world, so that as God displays his character through us they might come to know the love of God for themselves.

Third Chair is all about setting a table for this kind of Relational Christianity to flourish. The people group that we have relationship, experience, history and a God-given love for are creatives.


The WHY of Third Chair

Third Chair began with an invitation.

God simply whispered this invitation into Christine’s and my heart. “WILL YOU JOIN ME?” The Father showed us that His kids who were creatively gifted by Him, storytellers, make-believers, dreamers, film makers, worship leaders, authors, dancers, painters, photographers, technical artists, musicians, composers, producers, singers and so many more creative types … God desires these uniquely made sons & daughters of His to be LOVED better, to be invited into MORE, to be strengthened and encouraged into a deeper RELATIONSHIP with Him & others He’s loving, to be INSPIRED to use their God-Given Artistry to carry the overflow of Him Loving them. And that He would infuse His Love into every one of their artistic expressions that was created out of their hearts, the place He makes His dwelling place.

Then He wonderfully clarified His invitation. He said, “I don’t want you to do this FOR Me.” I’m simply letting you know that I AM doing something about this, with this tribe, in your region. “DO YOU WANT IN, WILL YOU JOIN ME?

This invitation carried no judgement, no pressure to accomplish this task, no commission to “fix” anything or anyone. He simply invited us to join HIM in what HE was doing. He also showed us how it was no coincidence that our experience, our history, our relationships ALL fit beautifully into this invitation. He LOVES Christine and me, deeply, transformatively, relationally. Him loving me continues to wreck me in the best possible ways. The overflow of His love simply spills into our relationships with these artists.

At Third Chair, we set a table. Invite people over. Holy Spirit breathes life into the table conversations, the creative story-telling, the invitation for deeper relationship with God and other artists. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. It’s Supernatural. It’s Love. It’s bigger than us because it’s His. We were simply invited to join Him.

I know our ministry is unique. Many friends (and family) often ask, “tell me again what you are doing?” I believe “MINISTRY” isn’t something you DO. Ministry is something you become. Friends YOU are the ministry. You are the Church. And when you are living in the overflow of the Trinity LOVING you, YOU become GOOD NEWS to everyone around you.

God is inviting you to join Him in being loved and loving others. It all starts with responding to His invitation of love. Then your life becomes a new adventure!

Our Invitation to YOU

More and more people are coming to our gatherings and inviting others who they believe NEED to come and connect. We would love to invite you to join us in setting a table for these sons & daughters who are creatively & spiritually alive. As you can imagine, setting a table for anywhere from 50 to 150 people has it’s expenses. We have found that CONNECTIONS and CREATIVITY help keep these expenses to an “loaves & fishes” minimum. We would love to invite you to pray about helping us set a table for these artists to have an encounter with the love of God.

Here are some ways you can join us!

Hosting at our Gatherings:

• assist our chef cooking & presenting

• setting the table, chairs, sound, “vibe”

• welcome / registration contact:


Underwrite a Gathering:

This gift covers everything at an Artist Guild Gathering - food & beverages & all the additional “stuff” for 50 people! An artfully prepared meal by our in-house chef! Please keep in mind that many from the ARTIST community are not necessarily financially “happening” yet. Your gift allows everyone a place at the table, including YOU!

One Time Gift - $750 (click here) or Gift of $62.50 pledged monthly (=$750 annually) - $62.50 (click here)


Cover Coffee for one-on-one Mentoring meetings

This gift sets the table for a one-on-one conversation with Roy and an artist. THESE conversations are powerful! These conversations are regular. Roy drives all over Southern California to make these conversations available and provide a safe place to talk about their creativity, their spirituality, their challenges, their identity. You can help cover coffee & gas.

Gift of $20 pledged monthly (click here) for ONE YEAR of mentoring twice a month ($10 x 24 meetings)

One Time Gift - $240 (click here) for ONE YEAR of mentoring twice a month ($10 x 24 meetings)


To all of you who are supporting Third Chair with your monthly financial gifts. Every dollar we receive seems to go SO FAR. God is encouraging us through you. It’s nothing short of miraculous how we can follow Father where He leads us, all He invites us into and how He provides through you, His kids who pass along His provision where He directs. It’s not a small thing He is doing - teaching us all how to follow Him into areas larger than we believe we are capable of entering into. We are simply and truly grateful.

Highlights of What Love Looked Like

through Third Chair over the Summer.

Party for the Soul - August 18, 2018

What is Party for the Soul? Location: Chateau Cochran, Carlsbad, CA

Artist Guild - May 14, July 23, September 10, 2018

What is Artist Guild? Location: Thomas Clark home/studio, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Our next Artist Guild is November 12, 2018

at the home/studio of artist, Thomas Clark in San Juan Capistrano


Rheanna Downey Album Pre-Release - August 24, 2018

Location: Chateau Cochran, Carlsbad, CA


At Third Chair, 

we are setting a table for Artists in Southern California and around the world inviting them:

• to grow and be part of a relational Community with other artists,

• to be inspired Artistically

• to be invited to grow deeper Spiritually

• into an environment to experience & respond to the Love of God individually.

*In our next Newsletter we’ll give you the Cochran family update. Till then, we pray that you are Living Loved by God every single day. And that His love will continue to beautifully transform you, to set you free from the wounds that seek to hold you back and to actually become GOOD NEWS to all those around you and to our world.

Third Chair News April 2018 from Roy & Christine


All You Need Is LOVE!

Christine & I AND our growing Third Chair community would like to say HI, give a word of encouragement and let you in on our latest plans for a Southern California Gathering for Storytellers, Dreamers and Offbeat Creative People who have a voice in the culture of Arts, Entertainment and Worship Arts we are calling the Artist Guild  beginning May 14, 2018.


All You Need Is LOVE!

A word of encouragement
(ok... a few words)


Can't you here the Beatles singing that declaration? ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, LOVE... LOVE is all you need.

Love has become a common word in our culture, in our language, used to describe a myriad of things that we like, enjoy, desire, have intense feelings for, have deep affection for. We use the word LOVE to describe how we feel about our spouse and about In & Out Burgers. We LOVE this and we LOVE that. We LOVE how that car handles on the road. We LOVE how that concert sounded. We LOVE those SHOES! On and on we could insert countless things we LOVE and because of that, the word LOVE can easily not carry the weight it's intended to.

God is LOVE. The LOVE of God can be poured out into our hearts.The Bible says that the Father LOVES us with the same LOVE in which He LOVES Jesus. He says that we can identify His REAL followers/children by their LOVE for one another. The word LOVE is used over 500 times in the Bible. I can go on & on, but here's the deal, the original word used when describing God's LOVE is a completely different word than we use. (For a brief description see 1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

I'll TRY to keep this short.

Question: Do you think that someone who does not knowthe LOVE of God can LOVE people? Yes? . . . So do I. 

Question: Do you think that God's LOVE carries something different than the LOVE we people are capable of expressing apart form Him?

The reason I ask these questions is to get us to examine and come to understand that LOVE that is connected to God carries LIFE!The weird thing is I've seen God's LOVE carried by an atheist towards someone God was loving and I've seen people who know God say and do things completely apart from the LOVE of God, in the Name of God. 

Our hope, desire and prayer for you today and everyday would be this: that YOU would experience this LOVE of God personally in your heart.That you would knowHim LOVING you. This is REALLY different than simply BELIEVING that God Loves you. (Though it can start there). We Love because He first Loved us. Find a place to be in His Presence. A place where your mind can be quiet. Ask God to come express His LOVE to you in your heart. To bring you His peace. To bring you His comfort. To bring you Himself.

We are coming to KNOW that LOVED people, LOVE people. And I qualify that LOVE as God's Life-Giving LOVE. It's important that we are in a place of continually being/receiving God's LOVE because THAT's the ONLY way we can genuinely LOVE others with this LOVE of God. A LOVE that brings, carries and imparts life. 

And THAT kind of LOVE is ALL YOU NEED!


Artist Guild

A Southern California Southern California Gathering for Storytellers, Dreamers and Offbeat Creative People who have a voice in the culture of Arts, Entertainment and Worship Arts beginning May 14, 2018 in San Juan Capistrano, CA.



guild  noun

  1. an association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power.
    • an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

The Artist Guild is gathering a community of artistically gifted people overflowing with the love of God in Southern California. We plan to meet every other month on a Monday night as that is usually the ONLY evening many artists are not working.  

This "guild" will be marked by conversation, inspiration, spiritual intimacy and artfully prepared delicious food. There will be a diversity of Artists from many artistic disciplines who have a voice in the culture of Arts, Entertainment and Worship Arts. 


More than simply a "gathering" we hope to build an association of men & women who will encourage and support one another and who will share a common goal of "becoming" the Good News and expressing that Love in and through all of our artistic expression reaching all over the world.

Artist Guild is an Invitation Only Event. If you or someone you know would benefit from belonging touch a group, please contact me about that.

The Latest with the Cochran's


My days have been filled with pouring the overflow of God's love into the hearts and minds of creative people. There is no end to the dreams this tribe has for expressing their creativity about faith, hope & love into a world desperate for authenticity, beauty and real love. Third Chair ministries is my full-time delight.


The amazing Christine is simply love made manifest. She infects every environment she steps into with the love of God overflowing her heart. Whether it's her customers in line at Sprouts, a friend's parent she is caring for or those in our community, she brightens up the room everywhere she goes.


My son Connor is in his 2nd year of college aiming towards busness finance. He is living local and going to Mira Costa College. Working as a pizza delivery driver covers his expenses and his love of attending EDM concerts. This one has big plans for a large life. 


I really don't know ANYONE quite like my son Trevor! He is SO out of the box when it comes to life, spirituality and creativity. He inspires and challenges me. He continues to build his video business, MAP FILMS creating video stories for small businesses, ministries, weddings & bands. 



This is Sadie the Bernese Mountain Dog. This is what she does 18 hours a day. She is a LOVE machine! It's difficult to take her out for walks as we are literally stopped ever 50 feet by people who want to hug her. She is 7 this year and we love having her be part of our family.



Join in on the joy of

bringing LOVE into

people's lives!

Partner with us today by making a decision to invest into the beauty of LOVE. 

Third Chair ministries is dependent on God providing for us through people like you who make a donation. Join the growing group of men & women who make a monthly donation. Third Chair is a 501C3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.



ThirdChair & News Jan•Feb•Mar 2018

Without LOVE I am nothing . . . 


Hello Friends,

I know it's been awhile since last I wrote. You know when God starts moving things around in your heart in a significant way, I'd highly recommend you slow down or stop your outward activity. I think the bible calls it "Waiting on the Lord". When His transformative Life is at work in your heart, your "WHY's" can change. And when your "WHY" shifts, it most likely will affect "WHAT" you are doing.  At least I think it should, right? Our WHY's are becoming clearer and clearer. There is a powerful LOVE in our HEART for a group of people that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have shared with us that continues to grow and displace other reasons. It's a Father's love that simply wants all of His incredibly unique and diverse kids back and to have a loving relationship with them.


A Kingdom Perspective on "GOING" into all the World with LOVE.

What would you do if you found yourself having a powerful voice of Love in one of these seven spheres of influence? What if God had been preparing you to be a witness of His love within the conversations and relationships that made up one of these influential areas?  If you look at this list to the right, you can see how powerful each one of these spheres of influence are in culture. What if we saw each one as a mission field? A people group not to conquer but to love, a love that transforms hearts. We have a heart for the people who make up # 7, Arts & Culture/Celebration/Entertainment. 

Christine & I are honored to have discovered that God has invited us to join Him in bringing His love into the extremely powerful sphere of influence that Arts & Entertainment have in our culture as well as into the culture of our churches through worship. That Father has actually given us FAVOR, a good reputation and an influential voice is humbling, exciting and so life-giving. 

We know that traditionally and historically, the church will "send" missionaries to other countries to bring relationship and presence to the Gospel message and become the GOOD NEWS to that people group. Not to conquer them or westernize them and their cultural behaviors but to invite them into a relationship where they experience God loving them, transforming them, delivering them and healing them, inviting them into His family in the midst of their culture. 

IMG_9679 .jpg

As I started with, when your heart changes, it will always lead to changes in your actions, in your values and beliefs. Your can change your mind. You can change your behavior. Only God can change your heart. Jesus taught us & modeled for us that this kind of transformation in people's lives comes through the love of God overflowing the sent one's hearts into the hearts of those they were sent to. It was never about just believing the RIGHT doctrines. It's not about just teaching them to change their behaviors to "act" like Jesus. It seems for Jesus, it has always been about having relationship with His Father. He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me." His life, sacrifice and powerful resurrection were ALL His response to His Father's love for Him & Their shared love for us SO THAT we might accept the invitation for a real relationship with them. That experiencing "THEM" loving us, our hearts will be transformed by their love. "We love because He first loved us."

In a weird way, Christine & I are missionaries to a people group scattered all over the world, hiding in plain sight on many of our stages, platforms & screens, in galleries, studios and most likely Coffee Houses. And this people group actually carry one of the most powerful spheres of influence in the WORLD! We are being embraced by them. I know it's because they are experiencing God loving them through us.

Does that make some sense to you about those Third Chair is called to walk with and reach out to? We are confident that the Father is also calling men & women out to "GO" into each of these 7 Spheres of Influence. What if "Go into all the World . . . " also meant to go into the lives of the people in all the World. That's where their hearts are!


You want to join us? There's plenty of room!

As with all effective missionary work, longterm relationship is critical, both with the sending, support team and the people they are loving. We have been walking in this invitation for 10 years now as full time missionaries. We are seeing huge new doors opening up in the lives of people operating in the Arts & Entertainment world as well as in the lives of people operating in the area of worship in the church. 

There are exciting things forming up both now and on the horizon. We have walked with and been well loved by a very small contingent of faithful financial partners who continue to partner with us. With the shift and increase of what we are seeing in 2018 & 2019, we can see a much larger company of men & women to join us who will love and sow into these lives with us. Now is the time!

Won't you please join us in bringing the transformative love of God into the hearts and minds of these artists, storytellers, film makers, dancers, visual artists, worship leaders, songwriters, technical artists, aka artists, the creatives?

Upcoming Third Chair Events 


We are VERY excited to announce we are returning to Orange County with an Artist Gathering we are simply calling ThirdChair Gatherings!. We are excited that we will be partnering with a few Universities and Communities of Faith who have a focus on worship and the arts. Having a diversity of experience, age and creativity is a high value for Third Chair in these gatherings. Dates will be published asap and we hope to begin a regular rhythm of ThirdChair Gatherings beginning in May of this year! We hope many of you will be a regular part of THIRD CHAIR Gatherings.

Look for Party of the Soul to happen again this Summer 2018. Scattered throughout the year will be Third Chair House Concerts when artists are in town. Look for the Third Chair Facebook Page to be a place where we publish upcoming events & gatherings. & Third Chair Announces LIVING LOVED event is FREE


In case you didn't hear the news, We have made LIVING LOVED - Experiencing the Father's Love a FREE Event!

3 MORE DAYS until Living Loved - San Diego

Register TODAY! Seating is limited.

Living Loved Logo(white BG).jpg

 Living Loved 2 Day Encounter Experiencing the Father's Love

• San Diego November 10-11, 2017  

• Los Angeles November 17-18, 2017

Friday Evening • Saturday Morning • Afternoon • Evening

This is a intimate, curated 2-Day Event, in which your entire being will be ushered into the Presence of Your Heavenly Father by a team of anointed creatives and communicators that have set the Table for you to feast. You can expect dance, creative artistic expressions, worship and a Biblical and Experiential revealing of the Heart of the Father. 

Leonard Hays teaching-impartation-ministry (Fatherheart Ministries)
Roy & Christine Cochran worship-ministry-impartation (Third Chair)
Bradley & Joanie Rapier dance-impartation (Groovaloos)
Thomas Clark - Live Performance Artist (TomClarkStudio)

Southern California Worship Team - Rheanna Downey, Justin Hoeppner, Gina Stockton, Norm Stockton, Joe Urquhart, Roy Cochran

The Living Loved Team

Your place at the Table awaits! Seating is limited to this Experience provided by your team at Living Loved! We can't wait to watch Him do all He has planned for you! for Info & Third Chair Newsletter September 2017

Circle Chair(red).jpg

Third Chair . . . the expression of LOVE overflowing the hearts of Roy & Christine Cochran



In a culture that can be preoccupied with NEW and YOUNG, who would believe that we are experiencing our BEST, most FULLY-ALIVE and ENJOYABLE season in ministry EVER in our 50's? What if EVERYONE could continually be experiencing the LOVE of their heavenly Father? 

I'd love to INVITE you to our next gathering called LIVING LOVED - Experiencing Father's Love, to communicate with you a little bit of the "WHY" behind the "WHAT" we at Third Chair are up to with Party for the Soul, Artist Table and Living Loved 2 Day Encounters and to invite YOU to join together with us. What Father has invited us into is SO MUCH BIGGER than the two of us.

The place we start and finish in Third Chair ministry is with the declaration that "Love Looks Like Something." So, if God is LOVE, can LOVE be made manifest, can He be experienced, can He be seen and felt at our in our daily lives, in our conversations, in our relationships, in our workplaces & in our gatherings? Our heart's desire is to see EVERYONE we know EXPERIENCING God loving them. Once you are Living Loved, loving others comes naturally. "The world will know that you are my followers by your love for one another."

Living Loved Logo(black BG).jpg

Living Loved 2 Day Encounter ~ Experiencing the Father's Love

• San Diego November 10-11, 2017  

• Los Angeles November 17-18, 2017

Friday Evening • Saturday Morning • Afternoon • Evening

This is a intimate, curated 2-Day Event, in which your entire being will be ushered into the Presence of Your Heavenly Father by a team of anointed creatives and communicators that have set the Table for you to feast. You can expect dance, creative artistic expressions, worship and a Biblical and Experiential revealing of the Heart of the Father. 

This weekend, "Revealing the Heart of the Father" is part one of a Series of 3, we will be offering in your area.


Leonard & Lesley Hays teaching-impartation-ministry (Fatherheart Ministries)
Roy & Christine Cochran worship-ministry-impartation (Third Chair)
Bradley & Joanie Rapier dance-impartation (Groovaloos)
Thomas Clark - Live Performance Artist (TomClarkStudio)
The Living Loved Team

Your place at the Table awaits! Seating is limited to this Experience provided by your team at Living Loved! We can't wait to watch Him do all He has planned for you!


The "WHY"

Let's give this scripture from Galatians 4 a second look.

And so that we would know for sure that we are His true children, God released the Spirit of Sonship into our hearts - moving us to cry out intimately, 'My Father! You're our true Father!" [Galatians 4:6] TPT.

When Holy Spirit REVEALS this to your heart, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

"Now we're no longer living like slaves (or orphans) under the law, but we enjoy being God's very own sons and daughters! And because we're His, we can access everything our Father has - for we are one with Jesus Christ. Before we knew God as our Father and we became His children, we were unwitting servants to the powers that be, which are nothing compared to God. But now that we TRULY KNOW Him and UNDERSTAND how deeply we're loved by Him, why would we, even for a moment, consider turning back to those weak and feeble principals of religion, as though we were still subject to them? " [Galatians 4:7-9] TPT.

"My Heart is in your hands" live art Tom Clark

These LIFE ALTERING scriptures are ones that I have known for over 30 years. I heard them taught. I believed or agreed that these scriptures were truth and so according to these scriptures I took the positional, biblical truth, I am a son and Jesus, by saving me, allowed me to call God, Father. I would say that I "believed" this , . . For me, agreeing with a scripture verse is still a different thing than God releasing a Spirit of Sonship INTO MY HEART! For me, agreeing with a scripture verse is still a different thing than TRULY KNOWING God as Father in my heart and TRULY KNOWING how DEEPLY I AM LOVED BY HIM. (Remember the verse, "If you confess with your mouth AND believe IN YOUR HEART, you will be saved." Could believing in your intellect, agreeing in your head be DIFFERENT than believing in your heart? I wonder.)

I was SAVED but somehow was still living life as an orphan.

I "believed" but didn't KNOW. I had prayed the prayer. I knew I was saved. I knew there was a change. Holy Spirit had been received. I was leading thousands of people into His Presence in worship, but I was still an orphan hearted, saved, pastor who had a "measure" of knowing Jesus loving me. I'm discovering that agreeing with scripture can happen in your head and not quite make it down into one's heart. You could say that "you believe" and mean it but the revelation and reality of the TRUTH needs to find it's way into our hearts. That's when transformation happens.

It's like the fullness of the love we are to live in was just out of reach or even veiled from my heart. I had all the scriptural evidence to believe that it was true, to understand it was mine, to believe it by faith, to have momentary touches with it, but yet for the vast majority of my everyday life, it remained a hope not a reality. I lived as a servant, saved by grace. Grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus to save me from hell. I thought that's just the way it is with the things of faith. You hope for them but they mostly remain unseen, like it says in Hebrews 11. We live by faith not by sight. I really didn't understand that Jesus's sacrifice made a way for me to not only be saved but to actually live as a SON, like Him, to experience the love of His Father, just like Him. Jesus was a servant of all; the Name above all names; the King of Kings and our Savior; our wonderful Counselor. The WAY He did this was LIVING AS A LOVED SON BY HIS FATHER. He was (and is) the Son of God. I was living the christian life as a servant WITHOUT knowing the most essential power source Jesus had, which was LIVING LOVED by His Father as His Son. This is how we can be "saved" but continue to live with an orphaned heart.

 This, by the way, isn't a new challenge for those of us who believe. Immediately after Jesus said to His followers, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes next to the Father except through union with me. To know me is to know my Father too." Phillip says, "Lord, show us the Father, and that will be all we need!" [John 14:6]TPT Jesus was the exact image of His Father, so we could know what the Father looked and acted like. But Jesus was not the Father. He was one with the Father but also said that the Father was greater than Him. That He would go to sit at the right hand of the Father. That He only did what He saw and heard His Father doing. The same yet different. Yep, it's mystical. But it will completely transform your life when you are able to receive the Love of the Father that Jesus spoke of and paid for. Jesus is the WAY, the Truth and the LIFE. One one come to the Father but through Me. This scripture speaks of a pathway and a destination. I was enjoying a relationship with Jesus and with Holy Spirit but really didn't know how to connect with the Father. My head understood that the Father loved me. I did know all the scriptures that told me everything about Father's love I quoted above and more. They just never found a place in my heart. 

"Found" live art by Tom Clark

"Found" live art by Tom Clark

Over the last 10 years of our lives, this kind of orphaned christianity Christine & I were living is being beautifully transformed to KNOWING God as Father, to KNOWING how deeply I am loved, allowing Jesus to bring me into the heart of His Father, to EXPERIENCING the Spirit of sonship IN MY HEART. Christine and I are so excited and honored to be leading men & women deeper into this Good News. A loving relational experience with ALL THREE members of the TRINITY. We believe Father has invited us to lovingly, through relationship, share this love of the Father, our identity as sons and  daughters, this perspective of the centrality of the heart primarily with the Artist Community. They are the best storytellers in the world! Somehow, this reality of the Gospel that Jesus lovingly paid the price to bring us into, is foreign to so many people both in the church and outside. Once their hearts experience the Father's Love, everything they create will carry HIs Love; their songs, their movies, their books, their plays, their shows, their art ALL infected with LOVE. Their art will actually be the manifestation of them experiencing the Love of the Father as sons & daughters, experiencing the love of Jesus and experiencing the love of the Holy Spirit.

Let me conclude with this: All of you who would identify yourselves as Christ-followers, do you believe Jesus when He prayed this in John 17, starting in verse 20,

"And I ask not only for these disciples, but also for those who will one day believe in Me through their message. I pray for them all to be joined together as one even as You and I, Father, are joined together as one, I pray for them to become one with us so that the world will recognize that You sent Me. For the very glory that You have given to Me, I have given to them, so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that we enjoy. You live fully in Me and now I live fully in them so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world will be convinced that You have sent Me, for they will see that You love each one of them with the same passionate love that You have for Me... You are my righteous Father, but the unbelieving world has never known You in the perfect way that I know You! And all those who believe in Me also know that You have sent Me! I have revealed to them who You are AND WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE YOU EVEN MORE REAL TO THEM, so that they may experience the same endless love that You have for Me, for Your love will now live in them, even as I live in them." [John 17:20-26]TPT

Christine & I invite you to JOIN US in Living Loved & communicating this good news through Third Chair Ministries.

Our ministry is called Third Chair(Story Behind the Name) We invite you to join us in loving the Story-tellers. These are the ones who can creatively tell the ancient story of a God Who has loved, Who loves today and Who will continue to love each one of us personally. And His love will heal you, set you free to be the REAL you. His love is unconditional but comes alive in relationship.

When I encountered LOVE, my life was changed. Come partner with us. Come help us set a table. Come help us open a door. Come help us connect artists to this LOVE so that they might tell their stories of their encounter with LOVE that can change people's lives forever. 

For the record, Third Chair does not work EXCLUSIVELY WITH ARTSTS. Many of our events, Party for the Soul & Living Loved 2 Day Encounters are for EVERYONE! Building relationships with Artists has been and continues to be a beautiful lane Father has invited us into but this road we are walking on is open to EVERYONE! 

Join Together with Third Chair 

IMG_2777 copy.jpg

TODAY would be an AMAZING time for you to PARTNER with us!

You can join together with us to Love & Encourage more and more people through your generous donation. By partnering together with us MONTHLY, you will make it possible to create pathways for men & women to experience the Love of the Father, to step into their identities as loved sons & daughters, to have their hearts transformed by LOVE. 

Third Chair Ministries relies wholeheartedly upon the provisional generosity of God through HIs people, like you, who support us. Please consider partnering with us TODAY to help meet our annual ministry budget. Third Chair's budget currently needs an additional $9,500 pledged by year end. Your generous Monthly pledge or Single gift partners with our efforts resulting in hearts being transformed by the Love of God. Giving is so much more than charity. It's a spiritual action that is a response to your heart connecting to His. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The "WHAT"

Events that Connect People to LOVE

 Artist Table • Party for the Soul • Living Loved 2 Day Encounters

Artist Table

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On September 18th, about 40 artists from different backgrounds, different artistic disciplines and different circles of influence came together at a table in a backyard in Carlsbad, California. They enjoyed great conversation, a beautiful setting, a delicious meal, some original music and some storytelling. 

So what was different about this dinner party? Well, it's not often that 40 artists from all over Southern California get together from different disciplines, however I'd say what was unique was how present LOVE was.

It's a Beautiful Truth that the Father, Son & Holy Spirit invite us, You and I, into community with them. They invite us to THEIR TABLE to feast on being loved. To be included in their ONENESS. A place where the Body and Blood of Christ has paid for our place at the table. The Artist Table is a unique gathering where uniquely designed men & women who have devoted themselves to God and to their craft can dine together, feel part of a unique tribe, share their hearts & gifts with one another and specifically experience being loved for the unique individuals God created them to be in this world. Their struggles and strengths can have commonalities with the general public, however their uniquenesses and the very nature of devoting themselves to their art can also create a lonely place where friends, family, and sometimes even the church, may find it difficult to understand them. The life of an Artist may seem to be extravagant or even self indulgent to many who are fulfilling their live's callings in more practical work spaces. To the artist, NOT BEING AN ARTIST would be denying WHO God made them to be. Artist Table celebrates their weirdness, their uniqueness, their extravagance, their weaknesses and their ability to be ministers of beauty made in the image of their Creator. It was an honor to serve these Artists, to love these artists, to encourage and connect with these artists. Here are a few responses some of them sent me.

"Amazing party last night Roy. Thank you so much for inviting us! Your dreams are being fulfilled. Privileged to hang with you two."

"Hey Roy!!! Thank you sooo much for last night at Artists Table. Wow!!! The entire experience was compelling and oh-so special."

"Last night was a gift."

"Thank you for inviting me to the Artist Table. Couldn't believe who I was sitting next to. So inspired. So encouraged. So honored."

"Hey Roy. Artist Table last night was beyond anything I had imagined it would be. Visually and aesthetically, the food (wow) the servers, not just their professional manner but also their uniforms, the flowers on the table. The songs and players and the words from Christine and her sister. I could go on and on. You and Christine are IT! I made some new friends and reconnected with a few oldies. Well worth the drive from Los Angeles just for that!"

"Good morning! I thought this quote was interesting in little of last night at Artist Table. 'May your offering be worship even in the midst of your doubts about your calling and ability.' Roy, God made you for this."

"Dear Roy, Christine and family, Thanks again for such a wonderful and rich evening. Thank you for inviting me!

"Hey Roy, I was really blessed last night at Artist Table. I felt that it was the Lord's timing and His encouragement came through every conversation I had. I loved every connection I made and I hope to never miss one of your events. I can see why everyone says you and your family are such a blessing and a force for the kingdom."

"Still reeling from such an extraordinary evening. Thank you for including us. The Father's extravagant love expressed through the Cochran family is the talk of the town! We need more of THAT talk at this time on our planet. XOXO!

"I've been meaning to tell you and Christine Thank You for the Artist Table. It was off the chain."

 We've included a few visual moments from our time together at Artist Table. Thank you to everyone who was part of this extraordinary evening.

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 Living Loved 2 Day Encounter Experiencing the Father's Love

• San Diego November 10-11, 2017  

• Los Angeles November 17-18, 2017

Friday Evening • Saturday Morning • Afternoon • Evening

This is a intimate, curated 2-Day Event, in which your entire being will be ushered into the Presence of Your Heavenly Father by a team of anointed creatives and communicators that have set the Table for you to feast. You can expect dance, creative artistic expressions, worship and a Biblical and Experiential revealing of the Heart of the Father. 

This weekend, "Experiencing Father's Love" is part one of a Series of 3, we will be offering in your area

Experiencing Father's Love - Nov 2017

Opening the River of Love - Feb/Mar 2018

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