2019 Spring Update - part 1 Life, family, ministry Third Chair


Cochran Family Update

God is rocking our family!

In the midst of our own fair share of tough “stuff” and struggle life can throw at you, there is also an ever increasing intimacy with God we can be experiencing in beautiful ways unique to each one of us. The challenges are REAL for sure but God’s Presence is eclipsing the fear and hopelessness that used to be part of our struggle. It’s looks different for Trevor than it does for Connor and it looks different for Christine than it does for me. But fruit of God's Presence is cumulatively coming together and transforming our family. Day by day, as we individually, incrementally, believemore and more, that we ARE who God says we are, we begin to actually live as sons & daughters of God.

Christine - I’d say the biggest shift that’s happened with Christine is that she has completely transitioned from “helping me” with ministry life to “PARTNERING with me” in our life expressed as ministry. HUGE SHIFT! The people we are walking with, loving, encouraging, NOW get the wonderful benefit of Christine’s heart in everything we do as Third Chair. Now THAT’S an UPGRADE! She is not working at Sprouts anymore, but does some PT work with an events company as a server. She meets with people, as I do, pouring her heart into theirs, listening so well and able to encourage with a fit word that always seems to drop out of heaven for whoever she is meeting with. More and more beautiful everyday inside and out. Such a wonderful mother and wife. I think she’s just getting started. You should hear what she dreams of.

Trevor - Trevor is in his second year of BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) up in Redding California. If you remember, his first year was a couple years ago. He launched out on a ministry adventure after his first year to Nepal. His plan: what does love look like everyday I’m here in country. Many, many amazing stories and miracles. After his return from Nepal and traveling abroad, he entered into a pretty difficult dark season (to be blunt), that lasted close to 2 years. Trevor left for Redding last September 2018 and we really saw or heard little from our son while he and the Lord were working things out in his heart and mind in Redding at BSSM. If you know Trevor, he doesn’t do anything half way. He’s an “all-in” kind of creative soul so this sentence “working things out” fails miserably to describe the pain, isolation, struggle and entanglement my son found himself in.

Connor & Trevor celebrating Connor’s 21st Birthday at the Porsche Experience Track.

Three weeks ago, when this photo was taken, was the first time we saw our son since he left for Redding. He came home for his brother, Connor’s, 21st birthday. Over the condensed 72 hours we had with Trevor over this birthday weekend, we discovered he had undergone some radical encounters weeks earlier with the Holy Spirit which displaced the darkness that clouded his heart & mind. He came into this weekend full and overflowing the love of God. And it overflowed into his brother’s heart, into his mother’s heart and into his father’s heart. He finishes up his semester in May 2019. He’s still working out the details of staying in Redding for another year. We are full of joy. Trevor is currently in Scotland with BSSM this month on a mission trip and is completely “STOKED”.

Connor - Connor is finishing up another semester at Mira Costa College getting his general ed out of the way and working a ton. He has so many options in life at 21 that it can be somewhat paralyzing but he continues to press on to discover his next steps. He has recently rediscovered his freakishly remarkable talent for photography and is investing into that as well. Connor carries a tremendous sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and to people (which is difficult to manage for a young man). I see a man who is growing into a maturity that can steward these “superpowers” in ways that elevate those around him while not completely overwhelming his heart with all the information he gets downloaded. He’s like a newly made fine instrument that will only become more refined, nuanced and valuable with time as it’s used.


Roy - You hear too much about me as I have yet to master the art of short concise communication. What I will share with you is that we plan to take a family trip to Europe this summer! We were gifted tickets to the UK for the 2019 David’s Tent in England and we decided to build a trip that would include Trevor & Connor. We plan to see Christine ‘s relatives in Sweden all together, celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary somewhere in Europe while Trevor and Connor go off on their own adventure together. Then we will all rendezvous at David’s Tent in England than return together all this August. We can’t believe we are doing this!