2019 Spring Update - part 4 Life, family, ministry - Third Chair

Growing our Value for Worship

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Matt 6:22


I’ve invested the last 35 years of my life learning & practicing what it means to worship. It’s my response to what or who has “WORTH” in my heart. In my case, that would be God. What started out as a musical response we also call worship, has expanded to the majority of my life being lived out as my response, my worship to God. My response is first and foremost for Who He is for the big stuff He brings into my life - salvation, healing, provision, power to overcome my past, vision, miracles and for the daily stuff He adds to my life - companionship, comfort, hope, forgiveness, friendship, encouragement, the beauty of nature, the love of music and art, the joy of friends, and faith. I’d place all these things and more into an over-arching expression I’d call Him LOVING me.

At times, His love comes through people like YOU. At times through my wife and children. At times His love comes through total strangers. At times He speaks directly into my heart. At times He illuminates scripture. At times through a sunset on the water. At times through a song or someone’s story. His LOVE just keeps on coming in real ways and I keep on responding as honest, humble and grateful as I can. We want our worship to be AUTHENTIC right? Straight out of our hearts. What we all desire regularly is a fresh revelation of Him loving us as a Father.

So what or who we have “VALUE” for (aka our treasure) is where and what our hearts will feed on and respond to. In my case, that would be God. My first encounter with God’s Presence was in a musical worship service. The REALITY of God invaded my heart and mind. My body responded with tears. Lots and lots of tears. Funny thing is, my body continues to respond that way 35+ years later. When His Presence is invading our space, tears flow. That’s just me. I leak.

One of my joys and privileges through the years has been leading people into His Presence; into an encounter with the powerful Love of God through times of sung worship as a worship leader in a few local churches. These days, I don’t get the opportunity, as much, to lead times of sung worship, but I continue to lead people into His Presence in other ways. And now, my wife Christine, gets to lead people into His Presence WITH me! So cool! A major response of ours (aka worship) is to join God in loving creatives, artists, worship leaders, musicians, visual artists, film makers, authors, choreographers, actors, dancers, story-tellers and make believers. We have devoted our lives to this mysterious invitation by faith. This tribe of men and women are and will be those who invite others into an encounter with God through their creative expression. These expressions are increasing & overflowing Sunday mornings into the most unlikely venues 7 days a week! A person’s life, overflowing the love of God IS MINISTRY. So wherever these creative’s go, there is ministry.

Our expression of worship/ministry is released into culture through the way we live through Third Chair. Christine and I have been invited to join Father, Son and Holy Spirit in loving this creative community by setting a table where they belong, speaking identity into their hearts and inspiring them in their imaginations.