Third Chair News Autumn 2018 from Roy & Christine

“love” by Maria Sainz

“love” by Maria Sainz

He is loving you RIGHT NOW

So WHEN did that reality stop wrecking us?
When did it become a truth to believe versus a wonder to walk in?
When did we reduce our expectation of a relational encounter with the Love of God just to our weekly sung worship service?

God IS loving you RIGHT now!


Roy & Christine sharing at Party for the soul

I know most of you reading this AGREE with the truth that God is loving you because God is love, right? This truth lives in your head. God's invitation to us is a RELATIONSHIP where love is given and received by both parties. 
How or why have our hearts grown numb to that transformational invitation?
What happened? What IS happening?
When did we begin to believe THIS kind of relationship with God is rare?
I hope you are experiencing Him loving you most everyday in a variety of creative, transformational pathways into His presence. But . . . there are still some questions I continue to wrestle with in my own relationship with God. I’m detangling from some older mindsets & practices of what I thought it meant to be an “evangelical christian”, what I would call my “religious ones”. Discovering new and ancient biblical practices & perspectives that lead me into “relational encounters” with God and people, those I’m continuing to embrace.

Author, Wayne Jacobsen puts it this way: Relationship Not Religion! We are passionately committed to help people discover the joy and freedom of relational Christianity. It is our firm conviction that Jesus’ death on the cross was to prepare for each of us a dwelling place in the heart of a loving Father and to free us to the kinds of relationships that can share his life with other believers and with the world.

By relational Christianity we mean:

  • A personal friendship with Father, Son and Spirit. These are not just words to describe Christianity, but the very way he has called us to live.

  • Healthy relationships with other believers. Many today think fellowship is nothing more than attending the same service together, when it is meant to be so much more.

  • Friendships with people in the world, so that as God displays his character through us they might come to know the love of God for themselves.

Third Chair is all about setting a table for this kind of Relational Christianity to flourish. The people group that we have relationship, experience, history and a God-given love for are creatives.


The WHY of Third Chair

Third Chair began with an invitation.

God simply whispered this invitation into Christine’s and my heart. “WILL YOU JOIN ME?” The Father showed us that His kids who were creatively gifted by Him, storytellers, make-believers, dreamers, film makers, worship leaders, authors, dancers, painters, photographers, technical artists, musicians, composers, producers, singers and so many more creative types … God desires these uniquely made sons & daughters of His to be LOVED better, to be invited into MORE, to be strengthened and encouraged into a deeper RELATIONSHIP with Him & others He’s loving, to be INSPIRED to use their God-Given Artistry to carry the overflow of Him Loving them. And that He would infuse His Love into every one of their artistic expressions that was created out of their hearts, the place He makes His dwelling place.

Then He wonderfully clarified His invitation. He said, “I don’t want you to do this FOR Me.” I’m simply letting you know that I AM doing something about this, with this tribe, in your region. “DO YOU WANT IN, WILL YOU JOIN ME?

This invitation carried no judgement, no pressure to accomplish this task, no commission to “fix” anything or anyone. He simply invited us to join HIM in what HE was doing. He also showed us how it was no coincidence that our experience, our history, our relationships ALL fit beautifully into this invitation. He LOVES Christine and me, deeply, transformatively, relationally. Him loving me continues to wreck me in the best possible ways. The overflow of His love simply spills into our relationships with these artists.

At Third Chair, we set a table. Invite people over. Holy Spirit breathes life into the table conversations, the creative story-telling, the invitation for deeper relationship with God and other artists. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. It’s Supernatural. It’s Love. It’s bigger than us because it’s His. We were simply invited to join Him.

I know our ministry is unique. Many friends (and family) often ask, “tell me again what you are doing?” I believe “MINISTRY” isn’t something you DO. Ministry is something you become. Friends YOU are the ministry. You are the Church. And when you are living in the overflow of the Trinity LOVING you, YOU become GOOD NEWS to everyone around you.

God is inviting you to join Him in being loved and loving others. It all starts with responding to His invitation of love. Then your life becomes a new adventure!

Our Invitation to YOU

More and more people are coming to our gatherings and inviting others who they believe NEED to come and connect. We would love to invite you to join us in setting a table for these sons & daughters who are creatively & spiritually alive. As you can imagine, setting a table for anywhere from 50 to 150 people has it’s expenses. We have found that CONNECTIONS and CREATIVITY help keep these expenses to an “loaves & fishes” minimum. We would love to invite you to pray about helping us set a table for these artists to have an encounter with the love of God.

Here are some ways you can join us!

Hosting at our Gatherings:

• assist our chef cooking & presenting

• setting the table, chairs, sound, “vibe”

• welcome / registration contact:


Underwrite a Gathering:

This gift covers everything at an Artist Guild Gathering - food & beverages & all the additional “stuff” for 50 people! An artfully prepared meal by our in-house chef! Please keep in mind that many from the ARTIST community are not necessarily financially “happening” yet. Your gift allows everyone a place at the table, including YOU!

One Time Gift - $750 (click here) or Gift of $62.50 pledged monthly (=$750 annually) - $62.50 (click here)


Cover Coffee for one-on-one Mentoring meetings

This gift sets the table for a one-on-one conversation with Roy and an artist. THESE conversations are powerful! These conversations are regular. Roy drives all over Southern California to make these conversations available and provide a safe place to talk about their creativity, their spirituality, their challenges, their identity. You can help cover coffee & gas.

Gift of $20 pledged monthly (click here) for ONE YEAR of mentoring twice a month ($10 x 24 meetings)

One Time Gift - $240 (click here) for ONE YEAR of mentoring twice a month ($10 x 24 meetings)


To all of you who are supporting Third Chair with your monthly financial gifts. Every dollar we receive seems to go SO FAR. God is encouraging us through you. It’s nothing short of miraculous how we can follow Father where He leads us, all He invites us into and how He provides through you, His kids who pass along His provision where He directs. It’s not a small thing He is doing - teaching us all how to follow Him into areas larger than we believe we are capable of entering into. We are simply and truly grateful.

Highlights of What Love Looked Like

through Third Chair over the Summer.

Party for the Soul - August 18, 2018

What is Party for the Soul? Location: Chateau Cochran, Carlsbad, CA

Artist Guild - May 14, July 23, September 10, 2018

What is Artist Guild? Location: Thomas Clark home/studio, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Our next Artist Guild is November 12, 2018

at the home/studio of artist, Thomas Clark in San Juan Capistrano


Rheanna Downey Album Pre-Release - August 24, 2018

Location: Chateau Cochran, Carlsbad, CA


At Third Chair, 

we are setting a table for Artists in Southern California and around the world inviting them:

• to grow and be part of a relational Community with other artists,

• to be inspired Artistically

• to be invited to grow deeper Spiritually

• into an environment to experience & respond to the Love of God individually.

*In our next Newsletter we’ll give you the Cochran family update. Till then, we pray that you are Living Loved by God every single day. And that His love will continue to beautifully transform you, to set you free from the wounds that seek to hold you back and to actually become GOOD NEWS to all those around you and to our world.