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Without LOVE I am nothing . . . 


Hello Friends,

I know it's been awhile since last I wrote. You know when God starts moving things around in your heart in a significant way, I'd highly recommend you slow down or stop your outward activity. I think the bible calls it "Waiting on the Lord". When His transformative Life is at work in your heart, your "WHY's" can change. And when your "WHY" shifts, it most likely will affect "WHAT" you are doing.  At least I think it should, right? Our WHY's are becoming clearer and clearer. There is a powerful LOVE in our HEART for a group of people that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have shared with us that continues to grow and displace other reasons. It's a Father's love that simply wants all of His incredibly unique and diverse kids back and to have a loving relationship with them.


A Kingdom Perspective on "GOING" into all the World with LOVE.

What would you do if you found yourself having a powerful voice of Love in one of these seven spheres of influence? What if God had been preparing you to be a witness of His love within the conversations and relationships that made up one of these influential areas?  If you look at this list to the right, you can see how powerful each one of these spheres of influence are in culture. What if we saw each one as a mission field? A people group not to conquer but to love, a love that transforms hearts. We have a heart for the people who make up # 7, Arts & Culture/Celebration/Entertainment. 

Christine & I are honored to have discovered that God has invited us to join Him in bringing His love into the extremely powerful sphere of influence that Arts & Entertainment have in our culture as well as into the culture of our churches through worship. That Father has actually given us FAVOR, a good reputation and an influential voice is humbling, exciting and so life-giving. 

We know that traditionally and historically, the church will "send" missionaries to other countries to bring relationship and presence to the Gospel message and become the GOOD NEWS to that people group. Not to conquer them or westernize them and their cultural behaviors but to invite them into a relationship where they experience God loving them, transforming them, delivering them and healing them, inviting them into His family in the midst of their culture. 

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As I started with, when your heart changes, it will always lead to changes in your actions, in your values and beliefs. Your can change your mind. You can change your behavior. Only God can change your heart. Jesus taught us & modeled for us that this kind of transformation in people's lives comes through the love of God overflowing the sent one's hearts into the hearts of those they were sent to. It was never about just believing the RIGHT doctrines. It's not about just teaching them to change their behaviors to "act" like Jesus. It seems for Jesus, it has always been about having relationship with His Father. He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me." His life, sacrifice and powerful resurrection were ALL His response to His Father's love for Him & Their shared love for us SO THAT we might accept the invitation for a real relationship with them. That experiencing "THEM" loving us, our hearts will be transformed by their love. "We love because He first loved us."

In a weird way, Christine & I are missionaries to a people group scattered all over the world, hiding in plain sight on many of our stages, platforms & screens, in galleries, studios and most likely Coffee Houses. And this people group actually carry one of the most powerful spheres of influence in the WORLD! We are being embraced by them. I know it's because they are experiencing God loving them through us.

Does that make some sense to you about those Third Chair is called to walk with and reach out to? We are confident that the Father is also calling men & women out to "GO" into each of these 7 Spheres of Influence. What if "Go into all the World . . . " also meant to go into the lives of the people in all the World. That's where their hearts are!


You want to join us? There's plenty of room!

As with all effective missionary work, longterm relationship is critical, both with the sending, support team and the people they are loving. We have been walking in this invitation for 10 years now as full time missionaries. We are seeing huge new doors opening up in the lives of people operating in the Arts & Entertainment world as well as in the lives of people operating in the area of worship in the church. 

There are exciting things forming up both now and on the horizon. We have walked with and been well loved by a very small contingent of faithful financial partners who continue to partner with us. With the shift and increase of what we are seeing in 2018 & 2019, we can see a much larger company of men & women to join us who will love and sow into these lives with us. Now is the time!

Won't you please join us in bringing the transformative love of God into the hearts and minds of these artists, storytellers, film makers, dancers, visual artists, worship leaders, songwriters, technical artists, aka artists, the creatives?

Upcoming Third Chair Events 


We are VERY excited to announce we are returning to Orange County with an Artist Gathering we are simply calling ThirdChair Gatherings!. We are excited that we will be partnering with a few Universities and Communities of Faith who have a focus on worship and the arts. Having a diversity of experience, age and creativity is a high value for Third Chair in these gatherings. Dates will be published asap and we hope to begin a regular rhythm of ThirdChair Gatherings beginning in May of this year! We hope many of you will be a regular part of THIRD CHAIR Gatherings.

Look for Party of the Soul to happen again this Summer 2018. Scattered throughout the year will be Third Chair House Concerts when artists are in town. Look for the Third Chair Facebook Page to be a place where we publish upcoming events & gatherings.