& Third Chair Newsletter July 2017


A little over 30 years ago, I walked into a gathering in San Diego that would forever change my life. The artists who were playing were really good, but in the midst of those songs being sung, I was experiencing something so much bigger than just the music.

It was living there in the music. In the midst of that crowd I was connecting with something or someone I was searching for my entire life . . . the love of God.

Today, thirty years later, my wife Christine & I are making a way for people to discover the encounter of God loving them through the arts, through the creative people who:

sing, write songs, books, movies, poetry, who dance, who make films, who paint, who capture photos, who produce concerts, theater shows, who act, who are technical artists, visual artists, musical artists, worship artists, who tell stories that flow out of their hearts that are overflowing with love, the love they are receiving from God. Sometimes that Love comes directly into your heart & mind, at times it comes through the written word, at times it comes through people, at times it comes through beauty and at times it comes through nature.

Our ministry is called Third Chair. (Story Behind the Name) We invite you to join us in loving the Story-tellers. These are the ones who can creatively tell the ancient story of a God Who has loved, Who loves today and Who will continue to love each one of us personally. And His love will heal you, set you free to be the REAL you. His love is unconditional but comes alive in relationship. Unfortunately, it's also a story that has become distorted in today's culture. It's also a story that has been misrepresented in so many ways. It's also a story that at times, somehow has mistakenly been connected to fear, shame & control. But . . . in the midst of some of these broken stories, the real story is this: God is Love. God Loves you. God wants you to EXPERIENCE Him loving you. 

When I encountered LOVE, my life was changed. Come help us set a table. Come help us open a door. Come help us connect artists to this LOVE so that they might tell their stories of their encounter with LOVE that can change people's lives forever. 

Now, like never before, we need your support.
You can help us encourage more and more artists
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Coming in THREE weeks!

Party for the Soul -
Art & Love Summer Fest #2

Saturday, August 12


4985 Via Marta, Carlsbad, CA