Merry Christmas 2016 & ThirdChair

It's our desire that each of you reading this update would actually be experiencing BEING LOVED! Be it being loved by your spouse, being loved by your kids, being loved by a friend, being loved by a significant other, being loved by a neighbor, being loved by a parent, how about being loved by YOURSELF. You DO know that you were created and designed to be loved and to impart love?

You all have probably heard it said that GOD IS LOVE. You may or may not agree with that declaration depending on if have or have not encountered being loved by God. Not just agreeing with that statement to be true but to actually EXPERIENCE God loving you. 

I have growing relationships with hundreds of artistically gifted people all over the world. Some create and share their talents in the church, some do not. Some are people who have a relationship with God and go to church and there's a growing number who have a great relationship with God are currently not attending a church on the weekend. Some might not even identify themselves as a christian. Some of them say that our time together in a coffee house is like "church" for them, that they feel a connection with God; that our conversations about Him as a Father, as a Creator, about their uniqueness & significance and how they are beginning to pay attention to their own hearts. About how their lives as artists, as creative people and about how they might express what is in their hearts through their artistic expression. Why do you suppose that is? I believe its about LOVE. I believe it's about RELATIONSHIP. I believe it's about our HEARTS.

Why is it, you think, that so many people believe that having a relationship with God is primarily about changing your behavior to gain acceptance from God, that you have to first pledge allegiance to His set of laws to get Him to love you. Many of you know there is so much more to the story of God loving us even while we ignored Him. There is never a time in history that God is not loving us. The challenge is to discover WHY so many of us cannot receive His love. Distortions of His love for us, people in relationship with Him living loveless, legalistic lives who can seem to have a quest to get everyone around them to believe as they do can be so harmful  and destructive to culture. Getting back to the story of a mysterious simple love that came at such an incredible cost is what the human heart will respond to. Jesus said all of scripture, doctrine and laws are summed up in this: Love God with everything you have and Love others as you Love yourself. How far some of us have drifted through the years away from this kingdom reality. I believe THAT is the Christmas Story. Love came towards us and now it's our move . . . to respond. What might that response look like? Maybe it's as simple as saying in your heart, "yes God, I want to know what it's like to have you love me." Truth be told I continue to respond that way even after 30+ years of relationship with Him, I still find my heart saying, "yes God, I want to know what it's like to have you love me . . . reveal to my heart what that looks like for us."

I believe it is significant that scripture says that God has chosen to make His preferred habitation IN OUR HEARTS, not in buildings, not in the heavens separated from the children He created in His image, but IN OUR HEARTS. That is the place He loves to love you. That is the place He loves to speak with you. I am finding that most of us let our head's talk ourselves out of living from our hearts. We tend to live through what our head's can agree with, what is logical, what we can understand and control, truth be told. 

So, it REALLY IS our desire that each of you reading this update would actually be experiencing BEING LOVED! That you would experience God loving you as a Good Father/Parent loves their children; that you might dare to believe in your heart that God sees you first and foremost as His child Whom He desires to have a loving relationship with and that you would have the grace to LOVE the YOU Whom He created. You are significant! 

Generous People Leave A Legacy Of Significance.

Don't you find that to be true? People generous with their resources, generous with their time, generous with their money, generous with the doors they can open just seem to have large, significant lives. Seems the more they share, MORE comes into their hands. We believe this is a "GOD" paradigm. 

So many of you fit this description. You are generous people. Some of you have partnered with us financially in ThirdChair. If you are not already supporting our ministry, WE REALLY NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTION at this time. I believe it's a BEAUTIFUL thing that we NEED each other.

So we humbly & unashamedly ask that you would consider joining us and help us with a MONTHLY gift. We are solely dependent on the gifts from people like you who invest with us into the hearts & lives of creative people. Or please consider a generous Year End Contribution to Roy All donations are of course, tax deductible. 


We invite you to prayerfully support this work of connecting artists to their hearts and destinies.







Joey O'Connor support video 2016

Please listen to a brief encouragement from Joey O'Connor, President of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.

All donations must be received by the 25th of each month for them to reach us on the 1st. 

Please make ALL DONATIONS from my website .  We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me

Strengthening & Encouraging

the Spiritual Lives and Creative Work of Artists

Pictured below here are just a few of the people whose lives are being impacted through your donations. It's humbling AND exciting to see Father's favor on our expression of love called ThirdChair. This really doesn't reflect half of the lives & expressions we are connecting with. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for encouraging us. Thank you for walking with us. 

Photos: Trevor & family with Father Heart Leaders from Overseas, Mako Fujimura at a Culture Care Conference, Garden Echo, Guitar Legend Arnie & Holly Vilches, Artist Thomas Clark, Father Heart Ministries Das & son, Illuminator Stephen Proctor & Christine, Henry Haney and his new guitar from ThirdChair, Rick Sainz from Red Seal & I, Party for the Soul, Chris Falson, United Pursuit comes to the OC, Gary & Bridget from the Horizon Praise Band, Rusty & Maryann Lawrence LoveLooksLikeSomething, Cara Sullivan at 3CatNight Studios, Andrew Moberly 3CatNight Studios, Keith Felch-owner of 3CatNight Studios, British Worship Leader Lucy Grimble & bass player Charlie Thornton, Canadian singer/songwriter Eles Theissen, Abide Night of Worship at the Ruckle's, Amy Pearl & Jay Huzil album release show, Capitol Records Building, Studio A, singer/songwriter/producer Paul Clark mastering his latest record on vinyl at Capitol Records, Executive Producer of the movie Restored Me Alan Chua & I, Simon Matthews from FatherHeart and his family in England, Julian Wiggins producer/composer/creative director of the upcoming Cirque style show about the Love of the Father while we were in England, Danny O'Callaghan leading with Joe Urquhart at David's Tent in England, tour curator from St.Mary's in England, St. Mary's sanctuary.

Third Chair Plans for 2017

• Weekly Mentoring

pastoring, coaching, opening doors, challenging, dreaming with Worship Leaders, Musicians, Singer/Songwriters, Visual Artists, Film Makers, Photographers, Pastors, Technical Artists, Authors, Producers and Dreamers.

• The Artist's Table

A Gathering for Artists to come to a table with one another, share a meal, share some stories and encourage one another into the life as an artist and as someone growing in their relationship with God.

• Father Heart Gathering for ARTISTS

Partnering with FatherHeart speaker Leonard Hays, we hope to invite ARTISTS to get away for 3 days and soak into a fresh revelation of Sonship specifically curated towards the hearts of His sons & daughters who's uniqueness is found in their ARTISTRY. 

• Worship Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2017

We have been invited back to Brazil to speak to the hearts of the Worship Leaders & Songwriters of that country. Our great friend, producer, worship leader & songwriter, Andre Aquino has been connecting his country with worship artists such as Kim Walker Smith, Jesus Culture, Bethel Music & John Mark McMillan to name a few. We are honored to come along side this movement.

• Cirque du Soleil style Show about the Love of the Father

That's right! This show is currently being developed and the people who say "they MUST be part" are some of the who's who in this industry including Cirque Star, Erica Lenz. ThirdChair is involved at a producers level connecting with the hundreds of Artist relationship we have developed through the years, story development through the unique lens of looking at the FatherHeart of God and communicating this without words in a Cirque du Soleil styled world class show in Las Vegas, and in ministering to the cast and crew of this show. 

• Creative Workspace

We hope to procure a space and develop a co-working community of artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, writers, musicians and more who believe that we create better together in an environment brimming with creativity.

• Refreshment Retreats at Chateau Cochran

Many of you know that at any given time there is usually a guest or two staying at our home for 2-4 days. Many of them are coming in off a tour, some are friends who are in town or in country and desire some extended time with us. We have seen SO much break-through, encouragement and refreshment come in these times. We have a desire to expand and extend the experience by building a uniquely styled Guest House in our large backyard.

• Songwriter's Woodshed

We hope to begin gathering and writing songs together with both local Southern California Songwriters and encourage their craft through nationally known Songwriters I am in relationship with. Partnered with 3CatNight Studios, recording support in a world class studio is part of the benefits songwriters who belong to this community will enjoy.

• ThirdChair House Shows  

We hope to see 2017 filled with many house shows featuring local and national artists sharing their gifts with us in an intimate setting. We currently have 2 venues and are looking to discover a couple more venues we can bring and share beautiful evening filled with story-telling, some filled with songs of worship