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Enjoying each other at one of our local restaurants in Carlsbad.

The Cochran's are taking a Next Step in their Story of Walking with God & Loving Artists.

As we announced last month, we are excited to communicate with you about a Next Step He is leading us into, a New Season of Loving Artists. Caring for their Hearts, Connecting them with the Father and their Identity as Sons & Daughters, speaking into and making a way for them to step into their God-given destinies & futures. So what does THAT look like in 2016 and beyond?


So what does THAT look like in 2016 ?

What I believe Father has invited me to join Him in:

Local artists AJ DeGrasse, Julian Rodriguez, Cory Coffield connect & hang out with Nashville producer/drummer Jared Kneale

I’m a connector. For the majority of my life I have enjoyed an unusually strong connection with God. It seems to continue to grow stronger. Connecting with people is life giving to me. I seem to be really great at connecting with people. I connect them with God. I connect them with their hearts. I connect them with their futures. I connect them with truth. And I love to strategically connect them with the right people they need to know. (and when I say "I", know that I really am speaking of the ONENESS of God and me)

It’s been said of me that I am the most connected “nobody” in the world.  Better said, it’s mind-blowing how many people connections I have for someone with my history. It’s a gift from God. It’s weird. People’s lives change through it regularly. 

Gary Santo-Pietro, Steve Antie, Gina & Norm Stockton and Paul Clark sharing a tender NAMM moment.

Ever since God has become a Father to me and I have chosen to live as a son unto Him, my identity is becoming pretty bullet-proof, I’m His son and I’m in a place of continually being loved by Him. This gives me crazy amounts of freedom. Freedom to really be able to connect people to their futures God has for them without needing to get anything else out of that for myself except the joy of seeing others connect with who they really are. The whole world benefits when Artists become connected with their hearts (as sons & daughters) and with their futures (as Artists). Because Artists Influence Everything, the condition of their heart colors everything they create. Proverbs 23:7 says, “as a man thinks, or believes in his heart so he is.” We all need someone who will help us become connected to our heart, one that is fully alive through being loved by God, someone who will help us find our true identity, someone who will help connect us to a larger community who can open up doors and opportunities for our futures in God. In this way, our ministry becomes a GIFT from God.


ElessarThiessen.com, an artist/producer from Canada spent a month with us at Chateau Cochran. My son, Connor Cochran shot this photo for his album & website.

When an artist receives the gift of connecting with their hearts, with their future and with God, an amazing thing happens. Their life is changed.  Their Identity is solid. Their hearts are so transformed by love that everything they create carries the aroma of the love of God. They also become someone I am able to connect with other artists. They become MENTORS who help new artists begin connecting with their heart and with their future. 

I’m a connector. It’s not a skill. It’s a gift. The Father has invited me to join Him in caring for these sons and daughters of His who are gifted as artists.

Our ministry, our life, is a GIFT from the Father, lovingly connecting Artists to Himself as sons & daughters through the loving expression and life of His Son Jesus, empowered to BECOME Love through His Holy Spirit. 

What I believe Father is inviting US to do together with Him:

If you are reading this letter, you make up an extremely diverse community of people whose lives I somehow have intersected with. You have a heart for Christine & I. You value the community we are called to love. You love what creativity in the church can release. Your resources are deep. Your influence is vast. Your connections are many. And together, the possibilities are mind-blowing! A key I have learned while being around artists with endless imaginations is not so much what can we do, but what MUST we do. What has Father invited us to join Him in?

Some of you have shared ideas & dreams with me. And I have shared ideas & dreams with some of you. I know that there are more. Some are still simmering in our hearts & imaginations. Here are a few of those ideas & dreams that we believe God is breathing life into in 2016.

Songwriter Workshops, Getaways, Collaborations - Songs have the unique ability to go right into the heart. My first REAL encounter with the loving presence of God was in a worship service. In church, the songs we sing inform our theology as much as any sermon. Through worshipping with these songs, many have encounters with God's presence. In culture, these songs can become a fresh voice speaking of a loving God whom they may not have encountered. When the hearts of today's songwriters are alive to the love of God AND are skilled at the craft of songwriting, they have the ability to speak into the hearts of everyone who listens. The importance and value of songwriters is under attack these days. I have deep connections with some of today's most influential songwriters and producers.  contact me to get involved

Retreat Cottage / Trailer - If you know us, and most of you do, you know that there is a pretty steady stream of people who stay with us. Many are artists who come for a time of refreshment, for some soul care or just a for visit. God has done TREMENDOUS work in the hearts of those who come to stay with us. Currently, they stay in our Guest Room. We have vision for a retreat cottage or travel trailer in the backyard to give them some space during their time of ministry with us. Let's see how God might provide a space for an increase in the number of people we can love by inviting them to our home, into our lives & hearts. Some of you may have an old trailer sitting around that you might consider donating. Some of you who are craftsmen may be able to help us see this dream come to life. This can be a fun, creative project. contact me to get involved

Pastoring • Mentoring - Each and every week I have the honor of giving my time, my talents and my heart to worship leaders, songwriters, film makers, visual artists, technical artists, musicians, producers, authors . . . you get it . . . ARTISTS. We can be found mostly in coffee houses. Anywhere we can have a great conversation. These conversations are the backbone of our ministry and where deeper connections with God, their identity and their calling are forged. I am really splitting my time between San Diego, North County San Diego, Orange County and occasionally up in LA. While the big investment here is our time, we do end up driving a ton of miles.  contact me to get involved

Artist Gatherings - Over the past 8 years I have had the privilege of curating some life-changing Artist Gatherings. Some have had amazing voices like Brennan Manning, Ian Cron & Chris Falson speak into our hearts in inspiring locations. Some have been hosted locally in Tom Clark's living room with a gourmet meal and local artists feeding each other's souls. These unique times together are filled with inspiration, love, space and the gift of BEING with others like you . . . with artists. I look forward to seeing some of these Gatherings come together in 2016.  contact me to get involved

Giving in 2016 - This is already starting out to be an incredible year. We are praying for a larger community of monthly donation partners. And some of you have already stepped up and increased your monthly amount. Thank you so much.  Please make ALL PayPal DONATIONS from my website www.roycochran.com/donate and not through The Grove site. We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me for any questions

LoveLooksLikeSomething Sunday Night Gathering - Every Sunday Night at 5pm a few of us get together at our home in Carlsbad and share a meal together. We also share our hearts for each other. When the Love of God invades your heart it's supposed to have an effect. Not to make you into a better person, but into a LOVED person. And when God's love is received by you in your heart, there is an opportunity for us to respond to Him and love Him back. Well, we figure that when God is loving you and you are receiving His love and responding to His love it might LOOK LIKE SOMETHING. For some it looks like worship. For some it looks like buying a meal for someone who needs it. For some it looks like flying to Nepal and loving the unloveable trying to survive after their earthquake. For us on Sunday nights, it can look like praying for one another, sharing with one another and encouraging one another. God is love and His love is manifesting in our hearts . . . and it looks like something.  contact me to get involved

Here are a few Stories from the last couple of months of connecting with Artists.

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On the Family Front 

Just last night we sent Trevor off for his Love Looks Like Something World Tour. He will be loving people in Kathmandu, Nepal for the next 3 months. From there he travels to Chennai, India to meet up with some roommates from his year at Bethel. Trevor plans to send home stories on film of what Love Looks Like from the streets of Kathmandu and from India. We are working on a website so you can stay informed and inspired through the ways God is loving people through my son. 

Connor is considering attending NAU (Northern Arizona University next year. Connor is pursuing developing his amazing photography gift professionally as well as pursuing a business degree. I think NAU is going to allow him to create a hybrid of both for a specialized degree. Till then he is finishing up his senior year at Carlsbad High, enjoying this easy semester, clicking off photos and surfing every week. 

Christine is the HEART of all that makes this family what it is. Her relationship with the Father is seasoning EVERYTHING with LOVE, with GRACE, with CREATIVITY, with FREEDOM. She curates an environment for our family and for everyone who comes through our doors in which you feel inspired to be yourself, to be welcome, to be who you REALLY are. If you have not hit her up to come to our home and share some time together, well, you are missing out.

And then there is Sadie the Bernese Mountain Dog who is always excited to great everyone who visits our home at Chateau Cochran. Somehow, even our dog seems to be a source of love for people who come to visit. If you would like to spend extended time with Sadie as a house-sitter when we have to travel, please let us know.


I’m connected to people with huge, generous hearts. These friends are also sons and daughters of God. These friends love & believe that God is in this expression. They believe we are with God and He is with us. They also love to see people who are Artists connecting with their hearts and their futures. These generous friends understand that Artists influence everything. Because of that, being connected to God is really important. These friends financially support our ministry, and our family. Because of their ongoing gifts, we can become a gift to these artists. 

Would you consider joining us by becoming a monthly donor?

We are asking the Father for an increase of $3000. per month this year to step out into the new areas He is leading us. To do this, we are praying for a larger community of monthly donation partners - people like you who don't have much but invest sacrificially. Some of you have already stepped up and increased your monthly amount. Thank you so much! 


Please make ALL PayPal DONATIONS from my website www.roycochran.com/donate and not through The Grove site. We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me

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