2015 June / July News

Love Looks Like Something

Our Sunday Evening #LoveLooksLikeSomething Gathering with Mark Hendrickson

GATHERINGS have been a normal part of my life for over 20 years. Whether it was hundreds of people coming together to worship and grow or a couple of us in a coffee shop, I LOVE being part of the gathering of people. I always have. There is something so encouraging and life-giving when you are around someone who's heart is alive to the Love of God! Whether they are the person worshipping with total abandonment next to you in church or the person who has that sparkle in their eyes when they speak of their relationship with the Lord over coffee, I am inspired when I'm around people who are loving God and whom are being loved by Him. Love that is responded to with love will always be life-giving. Love really does look like something. It desires to be made manifest, to be visible, to be life-giving. Being loved by the Father as His sons & daughters is what He does. Opening our hearts and RECEIVING His love (responding) is what we can do. Jesus and the Holy Spirit loving us has made a way for every obstacle, every wound, every chain, every fear, every doubt, every you name it - to be removed that we truly can receive His life -giving, healing, transforming, redemptive, restorative LOVE. Sometimes Love Looks Like praying for someone's heart. When you GATHER together with people who's hearts are overflowing with the Love of God, anything is possible! I LOVE Gatherings!

What LOVE looked like in Nashville.

In July I flew to Nashville to attend the Summer NAMM Show, a music industry show. I have so many really great friends who live there and this was a great opportunity to see them and do life together. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here's a few pictures that have great stories behind them.  Click on each one for more to the story.

What LOVE looks like at our Sunday Night Gatherings.

Our Sunday Nights #LOVELOOKSLIKESOMETHING is the highlight of my week. A few, sometimes a lot, of friends come over, we share a meal together, our stories and our hearts with each other. We have such a fun collective of ages and experience loving each other in our home. It's different each and every week and THAT is part of our excitement of discovering what love will look like to us and through us. 

What LOVE looked like at Chateau Cochran with visiting Artists.

It's been a busy summer at Chateau Cochran with a fun collection of artist friends coming over to visit, hang out, enjoy the beach, learn to surf, eat some meals together and share our hearts with one another. Many become non-biological uncles and aunts to my sons and well as family with Christine and I. It's such an honor to host these world impacting artists and share whatever we have. We always seem to be the one's getting blessed.

What LOVE looked like in on a family vacation to Yosemite.

We had the opportunity to go camping up in Yosemite this summer. One of the most spectacular places you will ever see. Pictures really can do this place justice, but here are a few from our trip.

What LOVE looked like for Trevor & Connor filming in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle & Houston for the Millennial Prayer Movement and the Film, "Restored Me" coming out in 2016.

For 10 days, film producer and founder of the Millennial Movement, Allen Chua and my two sons traveled to Chicago, San Fransisco, Seattle & Houston to gather people pray for the restoration of their cities and to love on whoever God put in their path. Trevor & Connor captured this adventure on film and posted them on Trevor's Facebook page

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