February 2015 News

Christine & Roy in Rio, Brazil . . . sharing the love of God and sipping coconut juice.

Matters of the Heart
"What if being an artist wasn't about being seen, but about learning to see?"

This great question is a quote form artist/photographer Jeremy Cowart. He applied it to the topic of vision. I believe it could be applied to each of our lives as people who are walking in Love in  a growing relationship with God. It's an amazing question isn't it? I mean even me sending you this Newsletter probably has an element of wanting to be seen by a few hundred of you mixed with the desire to share what the Lord is teaching me to look at . . . how to see. The scriptures say "Man looks at the outward but God looks on the heart." 

It's a common sound to hear a young child at the play ground yell out to their parents, "Mommy look at me!" "Daddy, watch me!". We want to be seen by those we care about, especially our parents. We have a heavenly Father, though He is very real and present, He also happens to be Spirit which makes things a tad mystical. So it's also common to see God's kids, metephorically speaking, saying, "look at me", "watch me".

What if being a Christ follower wasn't about being seen, but learning to see? 

The Grove Gathering in the home of Tom & Theresa Clark with Illuminations by Stephen Proctor.

The Grove Gatherings

This community of artists has grown to a few hundred now here in Southern California. We continue to see about 50 artists come together each and every month. So many rich stories of how the Lord is changing and growing our hearts. The work of these artists is astounding, be it a gallery showing, a music recording, a weekend worship service, a book, a film, a photograph. As those who love and are being loved by God, the state and condition of our HEARTS color everything we do, especially our expression of art.

Just a couple scriptures that come to mind are "man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart." It's where He loves us, "because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us." It's where Christ abides with us, "so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love ..." I can go on and on with how God, through His scriptures and through the Holy Spirit is saying over and over again, "please pay attention to your heart." 

This year, we as a community will be focussing, paying attention & learning to live & love from our hearts. I invite you to join us.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wow! What a trip this turned out to be! I was invited to speak into the hearts of worship leaders and pastors from a few hundred churches throughout Brazil. 

The primary message the Lord had me anchored in was Love. The theme of the conference was "Passion for Jesus & Compassion for the Lost". The temptation was to speak into "HOW TO DO IT BETTER." Oh how we are drawn into "acting" like Christ followers vs it being the overflow of our hearts from being so completely loved by Him. Themes like "Abba, I belong to You" , ". . . though I have faith that can move mountains, speak with the tonqnes of angels, . . . . but have not Love, I'm doing nothing valuable in the Kingdom", "Living as Sons & Daughters, " "The centrality of the heart - Man looks at the outward but God looks upon the heart." 

All I can really say is I felt like I could have said anything and the Lord would have breathed His life into it. It was a humbling and exciting experience, made all the more valuable because my wife Christine & my son Connor were able to join me. 

Here are a few pictures and comments from the trip.

A couple quotes from Brazil:

Thank you Roy and Christine, you may have noticed that our nation is in need of visitation of truth in our churches to "Presence of Christ manifested" this should be our truth in our weekly services. We count on you, even distant
"When we do not know the language, the Holy Spirit embraces us ... no rush ... with the best hug from the United States!"
"Hi, we are working on the dates to have a conference with you! We really hope to see you soon."
"Hello Roy, I was with you in the Seminar Worship and Worshipers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and would like to thank the words and advice coming from God through his life. I pray that you and your family and your ministry stay tuned with the Holy Spirit ... God bless and come back more often."

Roy Cochran

As a pastor to artists, Roy mentors, counsels and prays with some of the most influential worship leaders and artists both Nationally and throughout Southern California. He serves with The Grove Center for the Arts & Media www.thegrovecenter.org  as a pastor to artists and a mentor.

For the last 25 years Roy has served The Church as a worship pastor at churches throughout Southern California. He has served for 5 years with Worship Foundations International as the Director of the Worship Mentor Network and also consults with churches for the pro audio, video and lighting needs of their sacred spaces. Roy continues to be a guest worship leader at churches and a speaker at conferences, retreats & gatherings.

Roy and his wife, Christine live in Carlsbad, California. They have to amazing sons. Trevor is currently attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California and Connor, still in High School, is growing as a photographer. Roy & Christine love to share their home with visiting artists for times of refreshment, healing and laughter.