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Exciting Year End News

We are so excited about a new season of loving artists with the transformational love of god!

We are so excited about a new season of loving artists with the transformational love of god!

Hello friends

We LOVE and appreciate everyone of you who are receiving this Newsletter. You are the people who believe in what God is doing in and through us. Many of you are regular monthly supporters. Some of you send in a love bomb in once or three times a year. Each and everyone of you have been and continue to be a tremendous source of encouragement and support to us over the past 8 years since we accepted God’s invitation to join Him in loving and ministering to artists locally, nationally and even internationally through living like missionaries dependent on His provision through supporters like you. It’s an incredible miraculous story of provision that defies logic and has shaped our hearts through the years to follow Him wherever He leads.

  The Cochran's are taking a Next Step of faith

  The Cochran's are taking a Next Step of faith

We are excited to communicate with you about a Next Step He is leading us into, a New Season of Loving Artists. Caring for their Hearts, Connecting them with the Father and their Identity as sons & daughters, speaking into and making a way for them to step into their god-given destinies & futures. And it all starts in 2016!

The exciting faith-filled news is that we are launching out to start our own ministry in 2016! 

A name and press release are all still in the works. The Grove is very supportive of this next step and all our donations will continue to come through them. Serving with Worship Foundations through the Worship Mentor Network and with The Grove Center as a pastor•mentor to artists have been invaluable formative seasons for us and together we have seen amazing fruit from the lives of artists we have and continue to serve. It has been such an honor to serve these two great organizations whom I will continue to have relationship with. But now The Father has invited us to take a next step with Him. He is opening up even more relationship doors with artists in mainstream arts and entertainment as well as with artists who serve in the church. He has invited us to take this next step of faith with Him. We are saying YES! 

Here are a few of the Artists we have loved on the last couple of months

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Here are a few photos of just a few of the lives that WE are investing into. Some are songwriters. Some are recording artists, musicians & worship leaders. Some are movie producers. Some are storytellers. Some are visual artists. Some are technical artists. Some are from small churches. Some are from mega churches. Some are from LA. Some are from Nashville. Some are from San Diego. Others are from NewZealand, Australia & England. ALL ARE GROWING IN THEIR IDENTITIES AS LOVED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD. And THAT has changed EVERYTHING about their hearts. All of the artistic expression that brings truth and beauty to the world comes out of the hearts of Artists. Through the influence of the artists that you and I minister to, literally hundreds of thousands of people have had their hearts touched by God through the expression of love that has come out of these artist's hearts. And now we get to take it to the next level with this Next Step!

Would you prayerfully consider making a generous 2015 Year End Gift to RoyCochran.com? Year End deadline is Sunday December 27th.

Joe Urquhart holding down the rhythm section on tour with Recording Artist Brendan James.

Thank you for your continued generosity, for investing into the lives of artists with us. With this expansion in ministry, we are asking the Father to expand our resources and support to love more artists with the Father's Love. Would you please help us reach our year end shortfall and invest in our Next Step? We are currently short $16,500 for 2015. I'm confident we really can make this up. They say "many hands lighten the load". I invite you to jump in with us in loving these artists who influence everything!

If you have never supported our ministry, would you consider making a Single Donation of $100 or more?

If you are a monthly supporter,would you consider making a generous year end gift in addition to your monthly donation?

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Christine, Sadie Mae & Roy celebrating our great friend John Hovis' book  "VICTOR"  being published!

Christine, Sadie Mae & Roy celebrating our great friend John Hovis' book "VICTOR" being published!

One of the greatest truths we have learned about serving God full time over the past 25 years is that we were never meant to minister ALONE. In a world where Christian Celebrity is highly valued, we have found that God seems to always breath on ministry centered on His Love and expressed through a community of people being continually changed by His love, loving and supporting one another with all their God-given resources, reaching out in love to everyone around them. Thank you for living and loving WITH us. It's making a difference in the world. It's making a difference in us.

Grateful, Hopeful & Excited about 2016 with YOU!

Roy & Christine