May / June 2014 News

Cultivating the Spiritual Life & Creative Work of Artists.

CUL•TI•VATE  verb : to prepare for growing; to loosen or break up soil; to foster or promote the growth of; to improve by labor and attention by care or study; to further; to encourage, to develop or improve by education or training; refine.

Matthew 18-20 Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: “God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.”

Roy at Joe & Jesslan Urquhart's wedding

Roy at Joe & Jesslan Urquhart's wedding

God desires you to be fully alive to Him and fully alive to who He made you to be. Living in an ongoing environment of being loved by God, of loving others with Him and of learning to love ourselves, our uniqueness IS "this way of life". 

YOU are a one-of-a-kind expression of God's Love, designed to KNOW Him, to be loved by Him. Lean into being YOU; fully alive and fully loved. Filled with His Spirit, daily being healed and delivered from our wounded past, free and empowered to be ALIVE to God and ALIVE to each other. Free to truly love and receive love.


I was honored for the second year to be a Speaker at The Luminous Project Conference. The days were filled with great conversations, hanging out, ministry moments and lots of laughing with these tremendously gifted Artists living in Nashville. I also had the best cup of coffee EVER at Notable Blend
s and worshipped with friends at  Journey Church, Franklin, TN. It was so great to spend time with Stephen Proctor, Bret Mabury and his family, Ian Cron, Brady Toops, Chad Jarnagin, David Leonard, Leslie Jordan, Jamie George and others too numerous to mention. I know . . . how does this happen? Follow Jesus and He'll take you places you never dreamed you'd be in.

Grove Gatherings

May Gathering Chris Lizotte was our guest at The Grove Gathering. Over 50 artists from all over Southern California gathered to grow in our spiritual lives and in our creative work. Chris so authentically spoke into our lives encouraging us to be WHO we are and that gaining an intimate life with Jesus is worth any adversity we might face. 

June Gathering  - Roy Schenkenberger shared his heart and through song and story-telling inspiring us. Roy & I have been meeting regularly throughout the year. I am continually amazed at the depth of artistry so many people I met with have and yet their potential is barely tapped. Roy is one of these artists.

At our July Grove GatheringChris Falson encouraged us and challenged us to BE OURSELVES as artists and as sons & daughters of God. Trying to be or sound like someone else is like putting on Saul's armor. Being who God created YOU to be is what will allow us to authentically, powerfully and artfully communicate in any art form in any venue whether it be at church, in a night club or anywhere!


Another artist who is part of The Grove Gatherings is Bass Player Cory Clark. Visual artist, Tom Clark, myself and 3 worship leaders from England all went out to Santa Monica one night to support and ENJOY an evening with Cory and one of the bands he plays in, The House of Vibe Allstars. Not only a tremendous evening of music, supporting each other wherever we play as brothers and sisters brings God's Presence into every environment and actually can change the atmosphere! We had "church" there in Santa Monica in that night club and everyone knew something was different that night!

On June 30th we invited a few San Diego Artists over to the house to pray about a Grove Gathering in San Diego. Well ...25 showed up with 2 days notice. We had an amazing time together and now are praying about a rhythm for a San Diego Grove Gathering.

We also had a couple weddings with close friends, Joe & Jesslan Urquhart & Andrew & Natalie Moberly. Joe, from England, has been playing drums with me in different worship environments and is quickly becoming a very sought after drummer. Jesslan Hovis Urquhart, of the Hovis tribe are long time family friends and she also is a world class photographer. Andrew has been playing guitar with me for years and is currently playing with Henry Haney.

They all got married on the same weekend!!! SO happy for both couples and honored to be part of their big day!

In between these highlights are daily conversations in coffee houses, living rooms, churches and now even rooftops with artists whom God wants to encourage to grow into their destiny in Him. It's really not about what they should DO and much as who they really ARE. And when you discover WHO you are, a son and a daughter of God, when you begin to even comprehend just how LOVED you really are, then that LOVE begins to set you free from all your woundedness. This is happening with new believers and seasoned believers. "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed." In this freedom what we DO is love. And artists love in amazingly creative ways.

The Family -  What's Happening These Days

Dinner at our local beach during the summer.

Roy has been loving, pastoring, mentoring and enjoying his time with his weekly meetings with artists, monthly Grove Gatherings and weekend services at various churches. We are looking at invitations we have for Grove Gatherings in Hollywood, San Diego & Nashville this year. The Lord is growing a reputation for The Grove as a place for His artists to thrive in. Word seems to be getting out nation-wide. Such an honor.

Christine continues to be a key leader with me at our Grove Gatherings. Her heart for prayer and serving really shine there. It's also SO great to be serving along side your spouse! She continues to meet with ladies one on one, she serves down at our local church, is the hospitality mom for the High School Surf Team and basically makes my life and our kid's lives so rich. 

Trevor has been accepted to attend the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA starting this September! He is SO excited! He is having a busy summer preparing to go, working the summer here as a Surf Instructor, playing in his band, Paper Days, who just released their 1st EP and enjoying being finished with High School. Prayer requests on Trevor's behalf would include provision for a laptop for school and a car. He is saving up for both but will need some God-deals to come through for him.

Connor continues to grow as a photographer and as an amazing young man. I'm sure he is going to miss his big brother, though will probably never admit it. This will be a great year for Connor as he launches into his Junior year of High School next year. He enjoys shooting surf photos at the beach (at times while BodyBoarding),at church events, and is starting to get work for weddings as well. 

We are looking forward to hosting some more guests in our extra room at Chateau Cochran. We love having a full house and sharing what we have with those God seems to bring to our door. We love using this house to love people with and for an environment where people feel the presence of the Lord. 

Generosity comes from the very nature of God.

Henry Haney, Jay Huzil & Layne London with Roy photo-bombing

Thank you for your Support! 

God supports us through you, His Body. We are so honored. A few of you, our friends, wanted to know specifically how we are doing financially and encouraged us to let our needs be known in our newsletter. They tell me if know one knows we are struggling financially, they won't know to pray for increase or to ask the Father if He would have them invest  with us.                                                                        

(Please know this is an area that is a bit awkward for us. We are peaceful and are not in a place of worry.) 

We are currently still facing a $2,400 monthly shortfall. We are taking that to the Father and to you, His Body and are asking for more monthly donors to join with us and the Father in ministering to His artists. 

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