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Invitation . . . 

I believe God is an invitational God and I love that about them (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). They always seem to be inviting me into a deeper, wider love that they have always had for me. Regardless of if I ignore their loving call for days, weeks, months or even years, their invitation for a living relationship remains fresh and alive every moment of my life. It's an invitation in which EVERYTHING is provided  by them. Our part is simply to RESPOND to their invitation for relationship. When you do, everything changes. That is the truth. It may take us a while to BELIEVE it and begin walking in the reality of those changes. I believe that is part of our faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence things not seen . . .yet. Even worship can be described as our RESPONSE to Who He is and to What He has done. I believe Jesus exemplified what it looks like for a son or a daughter to live a responsive life to the daily invitation for fellowship with his or her Father. All of Jesus' activity seemed to flow out from His time responding to HIs Father. John 5:19-20 So Jesus explained himself at length. "I'm telling you this straight. The Son can't independently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing. What the Father does, the Son does. The Father loves the Son and includes him in everything he is doing." (The Message)

February Grove Gathering - over 50 artists from all over Southern California

The Grove Gatherings

Once a month, we invite artists from all over Southern California to a Grove Gathering. Here's how we've tried to describe them: Authentic relationships. Beauty. Truth. Goodness. A hunger for life and community. Too good to be true? Enter Grove Gatherings. We meet monthly. Intentionally. Great food. Conversation. Music. Caring. Cultivating. Community. 

Responses: "I can't really put my finger on it. It's ALL OF IT! The conversations during dinner, the quality of food, the presentation, even the fact that you serve GREAT wine. The environment where we meet, the quality of people - very accomplished musicians, singer/songwriters, poets, visual artists, writers, I even met a film maker last month from Hollywood. The inspirational stories shared, the music, receiving prayer and praying for other artists. I'm honored to be invited and feel very loved by God and His people. I'm inspired!" 

We had over 50 artists attend our last Gathering in February and close to 60 in March!  It's a house brimming with excitement and destiny. God seems to be directing more and more artists to our doorstep. We focus on loving well those who are in attendance more than trying to attract a large crowd. They seem to be finding other artists they know who need or want a community called to "cultivate the spiritual life & creative work of artists."

We are also asked if we are trying to start a church . . . our answer is an emphatic no - we are simply BEING the church. Our hope is that these artists will go back into their studios, their workplaces, their schools and their churches fully alive in Christ, fully stepping into their callings as artists anchored in their identity as sons & daughters of God. I invite you to continue to invest into these artists lives through your prayers and through your financial giving.

Sharing a meal, meeting another artist, sharing your story, being inspired, receiving prayer . . . just part of our evenings.

Pastoring Artists

As I shared last month, this is really more of a "who i am" vs a "what I do". The bible describes the work of a pastor as someone who equips people for their life's work in God kingdom. I'm so grateful that: 1. God called me to this 2. The Grove gives me  the opportunity to do this with artists 3. YOU allow me to pour my life into this by financially supporting me. Thank You God, thank you The Grove, and THANK YOU!

Here's a few photos from the NAMM Show and some of the artists who who are part of our Grove Community & whom I have the honor of calling friends. Thank you for praying for me. There were many AMAZING times shared with so many artists right there on the NAMM Show floor amongst 10s of thousands of people. Too many stories to share here.

The Family

The Cochran Clan enjoying the Life God has given us

Roy has been loving, pastoring, mentoring and enjoying his time with his weekly meetings with artists, monthly Grove Gatherings and weekend services at various churches. We are looking at invitations we have for Grove Gatherings in Hollywood, San Diego & Nashville this year. The Lord is growing a reputation for The Grove as a place for His artists to thrive in. Word seems to be getting out nation-wide. Such an honor.

Christine continues to be a key leader with me at our Grove Gatherings. Her heart for prayer and serving really shine there. It's also SO great to be serving along side your spouse! She continues to meet with ladies one on one, she serves down at our local church, is the hospitality mom for the High School Surf Team and basically makes my life and our kid's lives so rich. 
Trevor and Connor continually have their friends from school, the surf team, Trevor's band and from church over at the house. Seems we are always feeding lots of teens and we love being able to do that. 

Trevor at a Gallery showing of some of his photographs.

Trevor is beginning to narrow down what next year might look like for him. He is looking at different ministry schools. Please pray fro him/us. He is playing in a band - they are really good . . . really. He serves every weekend at his church in the worship team and playing music for the little kids. He continues to surf on the High School team. His walk with the Lord is THRIVING! I love seeing him step into this season of life so full of the love of God.

Connor & mom celebrating his 16th birthday.

Connor is really growing as a photographer! He is a researcher who loves to learn and as a result he advances very quickly. Some of his surf shots belong in galleries and in magazines. His Instagram feed is always blowing up when he posts a new photo. He also is a national caliber body boarder so he is always in the water doing some acrobatic feat on a wave. Connor is doing great with the Lord and enjoys his youth group. They are quickly utilizing his giftings with a camera. I think I need to as well and have him snap some shots at our Gatherings.

We are looking forward to hosting some more guests in our extra room at Chateau Cochran. We love having a full house and sharing what we have with those God seems to bring to our door. We love using this house to love people with and for an environment where people feel the presence of the Lord. 

Rusty & Maryann Lawrence have been amazing friends and part of our support team for many years now . . . honored.

Thank you for your Support! 

God supports us through you, His Body. We are so honored. 
A few friends want to know specifically how we are doing financially. They tell me if no one knows you are struggling financially, they won't know to pray for increase or to ask the Father if He would have them invest with us. (Please know this is an area that is a bit awkward for us. Our faith is strong and we are not in a place of worry.) We are currently facing a $2,400 monthly shortfall. We are taking that to the Father and to you, His Body and are asking for more monthly donors to join with us and the Father in ministering to His artists. 

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