September/October 2014 News

Worship Leader Grove Getaway, Big Bear, CA Nov 2014

The picture above is such a great intersection of my life. This is the group we took up to Big Bear for a Grove Worship Leader Getaway. Monty Kelso from SlingShot Group & The Grove, Elizabeth Hunnicutt flew in from the San Fransisco area & is a singer/songwriter worship leader, Andrew Bennett & Mark Cullen, worship pastors, songwriters from C3 Church SD, Kim Johnson is also a singer/songwriter worship leader from Mariners Church Newport Beach, Henry Haney is a worship leader, songwriter and curator of the ONE Gatherings in SD, Joey O'Connor is a film writer, author and executive director of The Grove Center and Mandy Hinkle was our amazingly talented chef who spoiled us for the 3 days. 

Mark Cullen sharing a song he wrote, 

The honor I have to curate & help make getaways available to these wonderfully gifted leaders is hard to describe. God is with us! We are present with each other. We share our stories with each other. We share meals together. We minister to one another. We make space for God out in nature. I believe when we come down the mountain, each one of us is more fully alive to who we really are in Christ. The fruit of this is that the communities in which these artists serve receive a more fully alive leader when they return. These three days will literally have impact on thousands of people's lives that these artists minister to. 

The cool part is this: Our Father just wants to love on His kids, make them whole-hearted, speak into who He see them as, His sons & daughters, fully alive, fully loved, the love of God overflowing their hearts. Out of hearts like these will come songs we ALL will want to sing because our hearts will resonate with theirs.

Thank you to those of you who financially sow into me allowing Getways like this to happen. Such an honor.

Cambridge University

Roy went to England! Thank you to those of you from The Grove Community who have sent me to England. I was able to meet and minister to many artists at an event called David's Tent. It truly was a dream of mine to travel to England. While I was there I believe the Lord shared some of His heart for the UK with me as I fell in love with the people, the history and the music. I visited Kingdom Faith Church, hung out with Joe Urquhart's family in Horsham, visited with the "Brilliant Blake" family in Cambridge, stayed in London with Matthew & Sarah Taylor & went to an amazing evening of music at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London. At David's Tent, over 3500 worshippers gathered together to lavish their praise and worship upon the Lord for 3 days! John Mark McMillan, Jonathan & Melissa Helser, Jason Upton, Loud Harp, Danny O'Callaghan & Sean Feucht were a few of the artists serving at David's Tent. 

Here are a couple photos from my trip.

Roy, Stephen Proctor & Sarah Scott at Vanguard University

Once or twice a year my great friend Stephen Proctor comes to visit and join our family from his home in Nashville, TN. Stephen sees the world through a different lens, a kingdom lens. Stephen illuminates environments for artists such as All Sons & Daughters, Gungor, The Brilliance as well as all the visuals at Beth Moore LIVE events. Here we are with Sarah Scott  just before sharing with her students at Vanguard University and later that day at Biola University.



Ministry Trip to Brazil

Check this out! I've been invited to pour into the lives of worship leaders in Brazil! My good friend and worship leader Andre Aquino will be hosting us as we sow into the spiritual lives and creative work of this country's worship leaders. 

I'll be able to take Christine & Connor with me on this trip to Sao Paulo. Such an honor to speak into the heart and minds of these worship leaders. This is my first trip to Brazil! We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare to go, get all our visas, flights and transportation in order.

IMG_1200 copy 2.jpg


Grove Gatherings continue to be a highlight of my month. The calibre of artistry & hunger for God in this group is so inspiring. We are coming up on our Two Year Anniversary of these Grove Gatherings! On average, we see between 40-60 artists attend each month with well over 300 who have attended. Think of a great party with only artists on the guest list, combined with story telling, music, great food & drink and an atmosphere where we strengthen and encourage each other through sharing our lives with each other and through prayer. We have a hope that through these Grove Gatherings a community of artists in Southern California will step more fully into their story as artists, as Christ followers and as a community and by doing so will impact the world.

On October 23, Christine & I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We were spoiled with the gift of a two night stay at the US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. Every year gets better and better especially since we've been ministering more and more TOGETHER. 


Father-Heart School
In September we were fortunate to be invited to attend a week long Father-Heart School with James Jordan from New Zealand. We were immersed into the reality and revelation of the Father's love for us. My heart will never be the same.

Trevor is going strong in his first Semester up in Redding at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry BSSM. While our house is MUCH MORE quiet we take comfort that Trevor is stirring things up in Redding. He is coming home for Thanksgiving break and we can't wait! Come first of the year Trevor will be preparing for an international trip.

He will be raising funds to go ($3,500.00). He is looking at going to either Thailand, Nicaragua or the Philippines. Such an exciting and life-changing season my son is in. 

Connor continues to impress me with the way he approaches life. In all things, he seems to be a cut above. HIs photos on Instagram, CONNORRCOCHRAN are drawing the attention of many people, including a cool surf clothing line that shipped him some shirts & hats and asked that he photograph his friends in them and post them.
He just went out for his first job interview and he looking to buy more camera gear and at driving next month. Though he probably won't admit it, he misses his big brother and is TOLERATING being the only one home that his mother and I bug.

Visit The  God continues to stir up our creativity towards asking the question, "how might we better cultivate the spiritual lives and creative work of artists?" As stated in my news, Artists have a significant role in the Kingdom of God. How important is it that we encourage and sow into them to become fully alive to God and to who He created them to be? Our vision is to see these artists step into THEIR destinies as sons and daughters of the King who happen to be extremely gifted creatively.

Sow into Artists!

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