Happy New Years

January 2014 News


Well, we are off to a fast and fantastic start to 2014. It seems to be a year of promise for so many that I meet with. I am so encouraged to see how this year will unfold in my life, in the lives of my family members , in the lives of the artists.  in the life of churches that I work with and in your life, my friends and family. Together, we are on this journey of being loved by God, loving Him back and loving others with a life-changing love that His Spirit provides, fuels and empowers.

The Grove Center

This year we are literally having to prioritize and schedule time to pray through new invitations and opportunities to "cultivate the spiritual lives and creative work of artists." Please pray for us to hear God's leading for each of these opportunities: additional Grove Gatherings in Southern California and nationally, helping Artists with their financial future, Artists and International relief, a possible Art Center, a Grove retreat center, a Songwriters Gathering, Film projects to name a few things . . . 


Our first Grove Gathering of the year was an amazing time. We had over 50 artists in attendance! More important than the numbers who came was the quality of people and the richness of our time together. It's truly hard to quantify how much life is given at our Gatherings by people sharing their lives with one another and how God orchestrates these encounters. More stories to come!

Pastoring Artists

My great friends Arnie Vilches & Joe Urquhart connecting at the NAMM Show

This is really more of a "who i am" vs a "what I do". The bible describes the work of a pastor as someone who equips people for their life's work in God kingdom. I'm so grateful that: 1. God called me to this 2. The Grove gives me  the opportunity to do this with artists 3. YOU allow me to pour my life into this by financially supporting me. Thank You God, thank you The Grove, and THANK YOU!

In addition to our monthly Grove Gatherings I meet with artists every week one on one pastoring, mentoring and just being a spiritual friend. As I look back on over 20 years of serving full time as a pastor, on over 30 years of following Jesus, my most significant seasons of growth and breakthrough ALWAYS came through one on one mentoring/pastoring and in small groups. While I LOVE when the church comes together on the weekends to worship God in song and learn from His Word and though it has been a significant part of my growing in my faith and is a necessary part of every healthy growing Christ follower… I have found that I need more than that to continue to mature and break free into the life that God has and wants for me.

Tomorrow, I'll be at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, the largest music instrument convention in the country and you know who will be there? ARTISTS! And so will I. God ALWAYS connects me with crazy connections at this show where He seems to encourage many who are in attendance through our conversations. Please pray for me as I pour what God continues to give me into them - His love and hope that they can live a connected, empowered and meaningful life in Him as an artist.


The Family

cochran_190 small copy.jpg

Everyone is doing great with the start of this new year.Christine continues to be a key leader with me at our Grove Gatherings. Her heart for prayer and serving really shine there. It's also SO great to be serving along side your spouse! She continues to meet with ladies one on one, she serves down at our local church, is the hospitality mom for the High School Surf Team and basically makes my life and our kid's lives so rich. 
Trevor and Connorcontinually have their friends from school, the surf team, Trevor's band and from church over at the house. Seems we are always feeding lots of teens and we love being able to do that. 

Trevor is playing in a band - they are really good . . . really. He serves every weekend at his church in the worship team and playing music for the little kids. He continues to surf on the High School team. His walk with the Lord is THRIVING! I love seeing him step into this season of life so full of the love of God.

Connor is really growing as a photographer! He is a researcher who loves to learn and as a result he advances very quickly. Some of his surf shots belong in galleries and in magazines. His Instagram feed is always blowing up when he posts a new photo. He also is a national caliber body boarder so he is always in the water doing some acrobatic feat on a wave. Connor is doing great with the Lord and enjoys his youth group. They are quickly utilizing his giftings with a camera. I think I need to as well and have him snap some shots at our Gatherings.

We are looking forward to hosting some more guests in our extra room at Chateau Cochran. We love having a full house and sharing what we have with those God seems to bring to our door. We love using this house to love people with and for an environment where people feel the presence of the Lord.

Monthly Support

Rusty & Maryann Lawrence have been great friends and mentors to us for years. We are able to serve and SO much more effective because of their ongoing support and love for us every month! Thank you Rusty & Marryann!

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