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June • July News 


Hey Friends,

Well we are right in the midst of Summer and things continue to “heat up” in the the area of ministry with worship leaders, musicians, visual artists, tech directors, writers, film makers . . . aka “Artists”. Here I'm pictured with David & Lesli of ALL SONS & DAUGHTERS together on their West Coast Tour. It has been an unusually busy summer for me serving with The Grove Center for the Arts and Media with our monthly Grove Gatherings, weekend worship leading and conference speaking. Chateau Cochran always seem to be full of friends, out of town guests and music. I’m glad to grab a few minutes here with you to catch you up on what I see the Lord doing in the lives of the artists we are reaching out to.

Pastoring Artists

Grove Gatherings

At our June Grove Gathering we had close to 50 artists from all over Southern California join us for an amazing meal, encouraging conversation and a unique time interacting with a few art pieces from Seeds Fine Arts. These Gatherings are becoming a home and place of community for many of these artists. An environment where cultivating their spiritual lives and creative work can happen with other artists who have also committed their life to living as an artist.

"I feel like I'm finally home and among my tribe," is a fairly common encouragement I get from many who are invited.

What we are beginning to see is that these artists are connecting more deeply with their God and with their "tribe" and as a result are encouraged to step more fully into their own destiny as a Christ follower. One of influence and inspiration. One that can so creatively communicate the ongoing story of God's love for each one of us. 

Nashville - I was invited and honored to be part of The LuminousProject.com where we heard from Mako Fujimura, Ian Cron, Stephen Proctor,The Brilliance, Glen Packium, Anthony Skinner to name a few. An amazing time of connecting there in Nashville. The new friendships were immediate and pretty much a "God-thang". In the picture is Brett Maybury, Mako Fujimura, Roy, Ian Cron & Steve Taylor. Ian had "a few people" over to his home after the conference. God just might plan a Grove Gathering in Nashville one day...

The next day was the Worship Mentor Gathering. I had the honor of curating this Annual Gathering for the last 5 years as the Director of the Worship Mentor Network. This was a hand off year and was so good to just be present with this wonderful community. So good to reconnect with worship leaders from across the country and to meet up so many new faces at the Gathering. So many great stories to tell from my time in Nashville! 

Family & Friends

Summer is here!

I LOVE seeing people grow! My two son's Trevor & Connor are not only growing physically but spiritually as well. Both are scheduled to go to Summer Camp with their church youth group, both are beginning to serve at church, Trevor's playing bass in the worship team . . . I'm one happy dad! We are enjoying having Sunday dinners down at the beach to reconnect as a family. Life is going so fast these days. We've found that we have to schedule together time around a meal to really get time to hear what's going on in each of our lives. Christine has been mentoring ladies and serving along side me at The Grove Gatherings. If you need or want prayer, you WANT Christine praying for you!

I continue to be a guest worship leader in Southern California Churches who invite me. It's such an honor to not only serve the church but to see her in all her diversity. Visiting and serving so many churches continues to provide me great insight as I meet with so many worship leaders and pastors desiring to step more fully into effectively serving the church and living out their spiritual lives.

Clockwise from top left: The Lawrences & Cochrans at an evening with ALL SONS & DAUGHTERS, "The Band" - me, Andrew Moberly, Grant & Don Schoenberger - years of relationship and experience, a time of response at our July Grove Gathering, Trevor playing bass at C3 "My City" service.

Join Roy's Support Team

None of this kingdom work happens without a team of people 

The work of pastoring and mentoring is really an investment of pouring my time and experience (aka my life in Christ) into the lives of people. I believe Jesus not only modeled selectively pouring into people's lives but He invited His followers to go and make disciples. Today we would call that mentoring and pastoring. 

I am honored to be called to serve as a pastor and mentor, cultivating the spiritual growth and creative work of artists. And just like every local pastor, I am dependent upon the Lord to provide for my needs through people like yourself who generously invest through 
tithes and offerings. To those of you who invest into this ministry and my life, thank you. I hope you are encouraged by the fruit of your support. Thank you all for praying for me and our calling with The Grove Center in this great season of my life.

Your friend,

A Note from Joey O'Connor, Executive Director of The Grove.

Hello to all of Roy's friends, family and fans! I wanted to drop you a quick note to say what an incredible privilege it is to have Roy as a friend, board member and partner in ministry with The Grove. I want to personally say what a GREAT JOB he is doing! Right now, Roy is currently receiving only a portion of what he needs monthly in his ministry to artists. We are praying for Roy's level of support to increase by $2,000 per month. Your tax deductible monthly gift of $25 to $500 will help us reach this goal easily. You can also give him a single gift if you would like. As Roy is pouring his life into so many people, please take a moment to pray and see if you can help us support him, his family and the work of the ministry. God Bless you and thank you. Your gift is tax-deductible through The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, a 501c3 non-profit ministry. Click the Donate button to join Roy's Support Team today.


Pursuing Your Artist Destiny Teleseminar

Next Wednesday, July 31 at 9am PST, join Joey O'Connor and Roy Cochran for a Grove Teleseminar. Joey will be interviewing Roy on how artists can pursue their God-given creative destiny. This is a second in a new series of phone and web seminars designed to help artists cultivate their spiritual growth and creative work. Roy will be sharing his heart, wisdom and experience on the following topics...
  • God's Will for Artists
  • What is My Destiny?
  • Lies We've Been Told
  • Excelling in Your Craft
  • The Importance of Artistic Community
The cost of the teleseminar is $9.99, but any friend of Roy's who emails Roy will receive ONE FREE ADMISSION. Even if you can't make the 9am call, we will provide you a link to listen to the webinar recording later.

Click here for more details at The Grove Teleseminar webpage.