Newsletter - March 2013


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Hey Friends,

I’d love to bring you up to speed on the amazing ministry developments that are going on in my life and in the life of artists we are sowing into with The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. I really would love to sit down with you over coffee to share and catch up with each of you.


I’d say I am still in a season of transition. Maybe you know the feeling. Life just keeps marching on regardless of if “all your ducks are in a row” or not. Can the Prince of Peace consistently be present in the chaos of our lives? Seems a bit contradictory, but then again so does much of our life In Christ in HIs Kingdom. “If we lose our lives, we will find it” for example. I’ve found that by sowing my life In Christ into others that Jesus has shown me a new life for myself. So I bet some of you can identify with my current season? My website crashed (it’s UP again, but we lost everything) in the midst of raising support, my kids are going through their own challenges, and Easter week meant many rehearsals and services, I’ve been out of town 3 of the last 5 weekends . . . just to start with. Finances, health, relationships all seem to be under attack! I bet you have a list similar to mine. All this activity and opportunity for worry can easily crowd out the Lord. Just as a reminder of the obvious, during this chaotic season we may be going through, we continue to breathe . . . regularly, everyday. I’m learning . . . still, that I have to regularly, daily and at times hourly become aware that God is with me, remind myself of His promises towards me, take a moment to listen for Him to speak - it might be through a friend or stranger, it might be in a sunset or medium of art, a book or a song, it might be in that still small voice that sounds a lot like my own in my head but brings a truth or perspective that would not come from my heart or mind. The easier alternative is that we can simply allow our minds to dwell on all that is undone, all that we don’t have, all that we can’t change but that always leads to a paralysis of our faith and of our hope. So I encourage you to stop and take a breath and call on the Name of the Lord. He actually has always been right there with you all along. We just are distracted from this truth.

Living by the Spirit’s Power: Ephesians 5:15-20

So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do. Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts. And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

happenings •

As you might know, for the past 5 years I've been working with Worship Foundations International mentoring people in the arts weekly and leading a gathering of worship leaders from across the country called the Worship Mentor Network. As of January of this year I was invited to continue doing this same work of mentoring and pastoring artists and expand it throughout Southern California with The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. I accepted that invitation with The Grove, resigned as the Director of the Worship Mentor Network and began working immediately with The Grove. We've seen God do some incredible things in the lives of artists in such a short amount of time.Since January of 2013 we have already had 3 monthly Grove Gatherings! The first two were focussed on community building and prayer that led to our Grove Gathering launch in March. We had close to 50 artists from all over Southern California come to our kick off Grove Gathering! Worship leaders, movie producers, visual artists, musicians, writers, tech directors all coming together for the purpose of cultivating their spiritual growth and 

creative work in a community of artists. We are going to curate Grove Gatherings every month for these Southern California artists. While we are looking for quality vs quantity, we will soon out grow the home of artist Tom Clark were we currently meet. Nice problem to have.     

The weekend of March 22-24 we had our third Grove Getaway, a 3 day, 2 night retreat for 10-16 artists. God has been doing deep work in the lives of artists at these Grove Getaways. Much like a deep soak for an orchard or tree grove, extended time away with God and with other artists is extremely life giving. They are very much like our Worship Mentor Network Gatherings I would curate annually but with a smaller, more intimate group. The Grove Gatherings have become increasingly important as a community to continue to grow in after a Grove Getaway.

The third way God is caring for artists through the Grove is by helping us create a community and ethos of Generosity. We provide or sow the seeds of generosity of our time and financial resources into the artists who are invited to these Grove Gatherings and Getaways for next to or no cost to them. Through the years, friends of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media have sown financially into artists through endowments for art exhibits, music projects, The Grove Night of Film and many other opportunities to invest into the arts and artists. We are inviting our artists to also step into a lifestyle of Generosity which we believe to be a kingdom characteristic. After all, who is more generous than our God? We, His sons & daughters can all grow in this area of generosity which is a very spiritual part of our life in Christ.

Well, that’s the brief overview of what I’ve been up to. I continue to meet one on one with worship leaders, writers, musicians, tech directors . . . aka ARTISTS every week. My work with The Grove Center has become a full time labor of love I am honored to be part of. I truly am confident in this calling to this people group. Very much the same as missionaries are called to serve and sow the gospel into indigenous people groups around the world. God’s love for artists is just as great and just as intentional. 

would you consider being part of my financial team? •

Sowing in this way allows me to invest my life into this very influential people group known as artists. People who are a huge part of our worship life and who can tell the story of God’s love in so many inspiring ways through music, books, movies, visual art, a language every culture speaks. I am sending this letter to you because you are a friend who I believe has and will continue to pray for me. I’d like to invite you to ask the Lord about being part of my financial support network and join us in this ministry.

prayer •

  • A new Grove Center for the Arts & Media website is being launched. in the next 30 days, prayerfully.
  • My site is also being rebuilt as we speak.It’s up and live, just simple. It still has the link to my Grove Giving page. 
  • My financial team to grow - only receiving 35% of what I need monthly.
  • For our monthly Grove Gatherings - community • transformation • inspiration
  • For my weekly one on one mentoring meetings - community • transformation • inspiration
  • For our Grove Getaways - community • transformation • inspiration
  • For my family Christine, Trevor & Connor and for me as a husband and father
  • For my continued growing life In Christ - I can’t give away or sow what I don’t have.

Grace and peace to each of you,