2013 Year End News

2013 … What a Year it's Been!

Because Artists Influence Everything!

Who better than artists to creatively & powerfully communicate the GOOD NEWS of God's LOVE to our world? Artists FULLY ALIVE to God bring the beauty, truth and goodness of God to this world through their art, their music, their films, their books & podcasts. Because artists influence everything, I can't think of a greater privilege than "cultivating the spiritual life and creative work of artists."

I'd like to share why 2013 has been one of the most significant years of ministry for Christine & I serving with The Grove.  The short answer is TRANSFORMED LIVES. I hope you'll join me in reaching our year-end fundraising goal. Your generous gift, small or large, will help us minister to more artists in 2014.

The Cochran's enjoying this season of life

In my first year serving with The Grove, Chris and I have seen both new favor and fruitfulness from new and existing donors. We are so grateful for each one of you who are financial partners with us in our ministry to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists.

Yet we still need your help. Our 2013 goal was to raise $55,000. So far, we have raised $33,000, which means we are still facing a $23,000 shortfall. We are trusting the Lord for a strong year-end as we head into 2014. Would you prayerfully consider...

1) Giving a year-end gift in December 2013 and . . .  
2) Becoming a monthly supporter in 2014


We are so grateful for any gift that comes in through the year, but regular, monthly support really helps with cash-flow and the financial management of our home.

On The Grove website, we make it easy to give both single-gifts and sign up for monthly giving. Click here to give a single year-end gift and sign up for monthly giving.

Thank you so much for your generous support and partnership with us, for praying for us and with us in spreading the Good News of the LOVE of our Great God through the lives and creative works of the artists we minister to. 

May you be FILLED to overflowing with the love of God this Christmas time.

Roy & Christine Cochran

Bret Mabury, Mako Fujimura, me, Ian Cron, Steve Taylor

Our mission of “Cultivating the Spiritual Life and Creative Work of Artists” through our monthly Grove Artist Gatherings, Getaway Retreats and Grove Generosity of providing small artistic grants and scholarships has been met with a very positive response. They are becoming more fully alive in Christ! Jesus asked us to make disciples that would extend HIs love to the nations.

Here's some of the fruit of 2013.

Summer Grove Gathering

Our monthly  Grove Gatherings  began in January 2013. Over 175 artists have attended from all across Southern CaliforniaWe now have 40-50 artists meeting in community every month for a meal together, worship, prayer, and growing in Christ together. 

3 days…Great Food…Conversations...Maybe a Nap or Two


21 artists attended our   Grove Getaway retreats held in March, August and October at beautiful vacation homes in Big Bear and Lake Elsinore. Our Grove Getaways provide artists a “deep soak” in their walk with God and one another

Grove On-Line Classes

45 artists from the United States, Austria, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands attended our new  Grove Online Classes. These classes have been met with an overwhelming enthusiasm and provides new ministry income.

Grove Artists Page where the whole world can have access to the artists who make up The Grove. 

The Grove ARTISTS Page - The Grove has the incredible privilege of having tremendous artists at our monthly Gatherings and Getaways. Many of these artists belong to our Grove Community; others are out-of-town guests who we consider friends. We'd like to ask you to support their creative work and share it with your friends.

Your purchase helps support their art and The Grove! You can get music, visual art, books, and podcasts from the Artists who make up our community.

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