2013 Year End

Merry Christmas

From Roy, Christine, Trevor & Connor

We just wanted to take a moment to say howTHANKFUL we are that you are with us. As we continue to move forward by faith with the Lord through the ministry of The Grove Center for the Art's & Media"All Is Calm, All Is Bright"! 

This past year serving with The Grove has been one of the most FRUITFUL seasons of my life! The FRUIT of people's lives being transformed, seeing their relationship with Jesus growing, experiencing their old wounds being healed, investing into an emerging community of artists who love God and love each other,THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

Sometimes people comment, "sounds like you are building a church." In some ways it's true. Our perspective is that we are simply BEING the church. The artists who make up our community can better serve in each of their own churches having this area of their life poured into. 

It's my honor to represent your generosity by serving them as a pastor and mentor. What a fantastic year we have seen! Thank you for sowing into us.

So Merry Christmas from the Cochrans. It is our prayer that each and everyone of you who is reading this letter would experience the love of God in new and fresh ways this next year. That this would be the best season you and the Lord have ever had together. That HE would speak continued peace and restoration and vision into your lives. That HE would become the most valuable, life-giving, adventuresome relationship you have.

Roy, Christine, Trevor & Connor


A note from Christine:
Roy asked if I wanted to say anything in our Christmas letter and, I guess you could say…I couldn't resist!  My heart is so truly overwhelmed.  We have been riding a wave that seems to never end.  We have gone from so so many things breaking down to "upgrading" in almost every arena!! It's across the board MIND BOGGLING!!!  There is a point in surfing waves, so I am told, from the riders perspective, that's called "the point of commitment" either you are in or not!  WE ARE SO IN, we are SO committed and the wave and power of water has risen way over our heads and given us a ride we won't ever forget.  The power and hope and belief in the extravagant lover of our souls is PROFOUND!!  He is everything!!  If that doesn't make sense, call me and we can talk!  It's been so exciting being a part of The Grove - It is an incredible ministry where love & support truly are the foundations (the "soil").  I am very grateful for the many people involved in our lives and in the ministries and things we put our hands to. The army of God is rising up and we are believing Him for a greater harvest in the year 2014.  I can't wait!!! Keep believing!!

Year End Giving

In my first year serving with The Grove, Chris and I have seen both new favor and fruitfulness from new and existing donors. We are so grateful for each one of you who are financial partners with us in our ministry to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists.

Yet we still need your help. Our 2013 goal was to raise $55,000. So far, we have raised $33,000, which means we are still facing a $23,000 shortfall. We are trusting the Lord for a strong year-end as we head into 2014. Would you prayerfully consider...

1) Giving a year-end gift in December 2013 and . . .  
2) Becoming a monthly supporter in 2014


We are so grateful for any gift that comes in through the year, but regular, monthly support really helps with cash-flow and the financial management of our home.

On The Grove website, we make it easy to give

both single-gifts and sign up for monthly giving. 

Click here to give a single year-end gift and sign up for monthly giving.


Here's a few additional photos we took together this year.

Thank's for being part of our story!