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Loving the creative community by...
• setting a table where they can belong,
• speaking identity into their hearts, and
• inspiring them in their imaginations.

Hello Friends


Growing Artist Guild Gatherings

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Summer is HEREand with it comes opportunities to get away with family and friends by investing our time and energy into relationships. God continues to invite Christine and I into more and more relationship with creative people. 

We are so honored that people like YOU keep up with us, partner with us, pray for us, communicate with us, and do lifewith us. You encourage us with how Third Chair and our relationships are impacting your lives. 

We wanted to share a few highlights of how God is opening up new doors for us, how He is growing the Artist Guild community, and how He is challenging us with greater invitations for faith

As I write this, we are preparing to travel to Europe for David's Tent in England, to connect with relatives, friends, and artists, celebrate a postponed 25th Anniversary and experience what God is doing internationally in the places we visit.


New Doors opening up for Third Chair Ministries

• Conference for Leaders of Artist Collectives - Nashville
• Connecting Fender Guitars with Worship Leaders

• Ambassadors for David's Tent

New Doors opening up for Third Chair Ministries.

God uniquely placed within me a gift, a desire, an ability to connect with people in an extraordinary way that can only be described as supernatural. It's been said that I'm one of the most connected "nobodys" in the world, meaning there's really no reasonable explanation for the vast diversity of people that intersect Roy and God's Love through me, except GOD. All of these connections have stories attached to them, which I love to share.

Conference for Leaders of Artist Collectives

• Connecting Fender Guitars with Worship Ministries and Leaders

Ambassadors for David's Tent

Conference for Leaders of Artist Collectives


One of these stories is about a guy from Australia, Brett, who is gifted in composing, orchestrating and conducting beautiful orchestral music. He was invited to become a worship pastor in Nashville. We met the week he arrived in the USA at a conference I was speaking at in Nashville and GOD did something beautiful between us. He has since founded an Artist's Collective in Nashville at his church and has composed beautiful orchestrations for many Christian artists you may enjoy listening to.

Brett contacted me regarding an area people continually ask him about: How do you start an Artist's Collective?How do you lead one? How do you get anyone to show up?At times, gathering Artists has been likened to gathering Unicorns. By working together, we are taking steps towards a gathering—inviting these leaders from around the country to come together and learn, share, and enjoy community with others called/invited by God to join Him in caring for His kids who are stepping out in their creative expression (aka artists).

We are learning that this is not an easy thing to actually do. A gathering like this could actually impact artist groups nationally and perhaps internationally. Crazy, right?

"Who do you think you are?"
"How are you going to pull this off financially?"
"How are you going to get to Nashville?"
"Will anyone really come to this?"

Sound like anyone in your head? Could it be . . . Satan? He's always challenging God's truth, God's kids, and God's invitations. He attacks our identity as sons & daughters. He attacks our faith.

We could use some help with this. If this is something stirring your heart and faith, you can partner with us by faith to see a Conference for Leaders of Artist Collectives happen in Nashville in 2020.

Consider Investing - 2 Airfares to Nashville
Consider Praying - I'd like to pray for this Gathering

Consider Connecting - I'd like to connect you with an Arts Leader I know

Connecting Fender Guitars with Worship Ministries and Leaders


Another one of these stories is about a guy who has innovated guitar sounds, guitar designs and guitar tone for everyone from Taylor Guitars to Line6, from Tone Lounge Custom Guitars to Fender Guitars. Recently, he was promoted to VP of Research and Development for Fender Guitars.

Brian has brought not only his genius for guitar innovation to Fender Guitars, but also his heart into his role at this legendary & iconic guitar maker. It is already changing the atmosphere in the way Fender values those who play their guitars and those who make them.

A new initiative is to better connect Fender Guitars with a leading demographic of people buying and using guitars—The Church. If you watch any reality TV shows like The Voice or American Idol, you will continually hear that a huge number of contestants got their musical start at church. How many night clubs with live music are in your city—2-5 at the most (Nashville, Austin, and major cities don't count)? How many churches with live music are in your city—20-40? These churches feature and foster live music/worship. It makes sense for Fender to want to build a relationship with them, but how?

Brian has led them into a strategic plan for doing just that and, as a product of a long standing friendship with Brian and his intentionality to invite Fender into his relationships, I have been invited into that plan.

It's my hope that BY FAITH, we can be a part of an iconic, legendary guitar company truly becoming a friend to the church musician. Brian's heart is to innovate instruments that will inspire people. It's also our heart that the church musician was designed by God to inspire culture. Brian once told be that Leo Fender used to say, "I feel like when I put a guitar in the hands of a musician, it's like giving angels wings." This relationship will inspire new songs to be written, strengthen and support worship services around the world, encourage ad inspire musicians in the church.

"Who do you think you are?"
"How are you going to pull this off financially?"
"How are you going to even do this?"
"How is this even ministry?"

Sound familiar? With any project that has the potential to bring glory to God, Satan is always challenging God's truth, God's kids, and God's invitations.

We could use some help with this. If this is something stirring your heart and faith, you can partner with us by faith.

Consider Investing - Travel expenses for a weekend introducing Fender instruments to a large church or region
Consider Praying - I'd like to pray
for Worship Leaders & Artists to build a relationship with Fender Guitars
Consider Connecting - I'd like to connect you with an Worship Leader or Artist I know who might want to build a relationship with Fender Guitars

Ambassadors for David's Tent


We are so expectant for David's Tent to arrive in the USA. For the last 30+ years of my life, I have been pouring my life into the area of Worship because that is where I first connected with God. Worship has also been the place where I've experienced the most natural place for people to have a supernatural connection with God. Our life can really be summed up as "we live to see people live connected to God."

I'm taking my family over to England to join with David's Tent in their 8th year of hosting an atmosphere of 72 hours of worship. It has literally changed the atmosphere in England & the UK and we expect nothing less as we host His presence at David's Tent USA. We have hosted a few DT Nights of Worship and now we are ready to for our first 72 hours of worship at David's Tent at the Del Mar Fairgrounds this October 10-13th, 2019.

As Ambassadors, we hope to connect David's Tent with as many churches in the region. I am sure it will grow quickly as soon as people experience what we are talking about. here is a link to learn more about David's Tent.

If you'd like to get involved with David's Tent, we are looking for over a hundred people to join with us as team builders. If you'd like, I could come meet with you and or leaders from your church. We'd love to get the word out as we are a little more than 2 months away. I'd even be happy to share during announcements at your church service and share a brief video.

Consider Investing - buy your tickets today to David's Tent
Consider Praying - I'd like to pray for David's Tent

Consider Connecting - I'd like to connect you with my church about promoting David's Tent


Growing Artist Guild Gatherings

A table is being set for a Community of Artists, Creatives, Storytellers coming together around a beautifully prepared meal, creative inspiration, spiritual identity, and a powerful love for God, one another, and our neighbor.

Growing Artist Guild Gatherings

A table is being set for a Community of Artists, Creatives, & Storytellers coming together around a beautifully prepared meal, creative inspiration, spiritual identity, and a powerful love for God, one another, and our neighbor. I suppose a good clarification to make here would be to define GROWING. What do I mean when I say "Growing Artist Guild Gatherings"

growing - adjective

becoming greater over a period of time; increasing.


The primary area we desire to see BECOMING GREATER in the lives of the creatives who come to Artist Guild would be INTIMACY WITH GOD & HIS PEOPLE.  When you experience God loving you, it's intimate, it's personal, it's real. When you have a belief that God loves you, it's a position that could lead to an experience, however love, real love is always meant to be experienced. God IS love and He'd love you to encounter & experience Him loving you. THAT, Him loving us, is what transforms us. Him loving us is what heals us. Him loving us is what gives us the ability to love those who actually treat us like sh*t. Him Loving us inspires us to dream with Him, create and innovate, take unreasonable risks (aka faith), and do things (with Him) that others wouldn't dream of doing.

BUT HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Great question. It quite simply is a bit of a mystery how God invades our hearts, our minds, our world, let alone an Artist Gathering, but He does! Here's what we do know. Loving these creatives is His idea. He has simply invited Christine and I and our Third Chair Artist Guild Curation Community to JOIN HIM in loving His kids who are creatively alive. The way we feel He has directed us is to set a beautiful table for them where He can invade their conversations, their imaginations, their lives. He wants us to leave Him room to speak into their hearts and minds and not necessarily speak for Him. He has given us a freedom to expect Holy Spirit to do a greater work of GROWING these creatives in these loving, imaginative, and delicious evenings. 


I've found that loved people, love people, meaning people who are being & experiencing being loved by God have the capacity to love others as an overflow of God loving them. "We love because He first loved us." 

SO . . . this area of GROWTH, of increase for this community of creative people is about INCREASE on the inside, in their hearts and minds. 

In 2 Peter 3:18, Peter puts it this way: “You continue to be nourished in grace and in the intimate knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah, and of God the Father.”  Spiritual growth is yielding to the grace of God and having passion to know Jesus Christ intimately. In time, we grow into his beautiful image.

I'm happy to report that we are seeing GROWTH like this at the Artist Guild.

Our next Artist Guild is September 9th.


Artist Guild

Close to 50 creatives from all over Southern California came together for our Artist Guild.

Our theme was "Show Me Something Beautiful".

Here’s a few photos from our July 15th Artist Guild.

Photos & Video from

July 15th Artist Guild Gathering

Live Music: Chris Falson, Kevin Walt, Joe Urquhart
Collaborative Art: Tom Clark + 50 individual expressions painted by those in attendance.
Gourmet Burger Bar: Chef Sue Bibee.

The home/studio/backyard of Thomas & Theresa Clark - San Juan Capistrano • Video shot by Trevor Cochran • Photos by Jesslan Lee Photography

2019 Spring Update - part 1 Life, family, ministry Third Chair


Cochran Family Update

God is rocking our family!

In the midst of our own fair share of tough “stuff” and struggle life can throw at you, there is also an ever increasing intimacy with God we can be experiencing in beautiful ways unique to each one of us. The challenges are REAL for sure but God’s Presence is eclipsing the fear and hopelessness that used to be part of our struggle. It’s looks different for Trevor than it does for Connor and it looks different for Christine than it does for me. But fruit of God's Presence is cumulatively coming together and transforming our family. Day by day, as we individually, incrementally, believemore and more, that we ARE who God says we are, we begin to actually live as sons & daughters of God.

Christine - I’d say the biggest shift that’s happened with Christine is that she has completely transitioned from “helping me” with ministry life to “PARTNERING with me” in our life expressed as ministry. HUGE SHIFT! The people we are walking with, loving, encouraging, NOW get the wonderful benefit of Christine’s heart in everything we do as Third Chair. Now THAT’S an UPGRADE! She is not working at Sprouts anymore, but does some PT work with an events company as a server. She meets with people, as I do, pouring her heart into theirs, listening so well and able to encourage with a fit word that always seems to drop out of heaven for whoever she is meeting with. More and more beautiful everyday inside and out. Such a wonderful mother and wife. I think she’s just getting started. You should hear what she dreams of.

Trevor - Trevor is in his second year of BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) up in Redding California. If you remember, his first year was a couple years ago. He launched out on a ministry adventure after his first year to Nepal. His plan: what does love look like everyday I’m here in country. Many, many amazing stories and miracles. After his return from Nepal and traveling abroad, he entered into a pretty difficult dark season (to be blunt), that lasted close to 2 years. Trevor left for Redding last September 2018 and we really saw or heard little from our son while he and the Lord were working things out in his heart and mind in Redding at BSSM. If you know Trevor, he doesn’t do anything half way. He’s an “all-in” kind of creative soul so this sentence “working things out” fails miserably to describe the pain, isolation, struggle and entanglement my son found himself in.

Connor & Trevor celebrating Connor’s 21st Birthday at the Porsche Experience Track.

Three weeks ago, when this photo was taken, was the first time we saw our son since he left for Redding. He came home for his brother, Connor’s, 21st birthday. Over the condensed 72 hours we had with Trevor over this birthday weekend, we discovered he had undergone some radical encounters weeks earlier with the Holy Spirit which displaced the darkness that clouded his heart & mind. He came into this weekend full and overflowing the love of God. And it overflowed into his brother’s heart, into his mother’s heart and into his father’s heart. He finishes up his semester in May 2019. He’s still working out the details of staying in Redding for another year. We are full of joy. Trevor is currently in Scotland with BSSM this month on a mission trip and is completely “STOKED”.

Connor - Connor is finishing up another semester at Mira Costa College getting his general ed out of the way and working a ton. He has so many options in life at 21 that it can be somewhat paralyzing but he continues to press on to discover his next steps. He has recently rediscovered his freakishly remarkable talent for photography and is investing into that as well. Connor carries a tremendous sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and to people (which is difficult to manage for a young man). I see a man who is growing into a maturity that can steward these “superpowers” in ways that elevate those around him while not completely overwhelming his heart with all the information he gets downloaded. He’s like a newly made fine instrument that will only become more refined, nuanced and valuable with time as it’s used.


Roy - You hear too much about me as I have yet to master the art of short concise communication. What I will share with you is that we plan to take a family trip to Europe this summer! We were gifted tickets to the UK for the 2019 David’s Tent in England and we decided to build a trip that would include Trevor & Connor. We plan to see Christine ‘s relatives in Sweden all together, celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary somewhere in Europe while Trevor and Connor go off on their own adventure together. Then we will all rendezvous at David’s Tent in England than return together all this August. We can’t believe we are doing this!

2019 Spring Update - part 2 Life, family, ministry Third Chair

Third Chair Logo(red chair) .jpeg

What’s Happening these days

in Third Chair Ministries?


One on One Mentoring:

Mentoring is a relationship in which one person facilitates another to reach his or her God-given potential, through the sharing of God-given resources.

One on One mentoring: Mentoring is a relationship in which one person facilitates another to reach his or her God-given potential, through the sharing of God-given resources.

I do this every week and I’m incredibly honored with those who want me to spend time with them. This is NOT hanging out. It might feel like that at times. It’s NOT a “mentoring program” I take people through. It’s what I believe Jesus modeled and invited each of us to do - make disciples. I’m NOT making my disciples. What I see Jesus doing in scripture is receiving daily from the Father, sharing what He receives into the hearts of those He is walking with - He basically is giving them His life, His resources, His connections, His authority, His relationship access to the Father, His time. If He taught a kingdom principal - He then demonstrated it. If He demonstrated a kingdom value - He then taught them about what He just did. This intentional pour into someone’s life is something that is sadly missing in some of our information, event driven culture of doing church. It is something Jesus invited us ALL to do - go and make disciples. (which I believe is more than simply talking about God and what He says and means in scripture). It always involves Love. It always involves relationship. It always involves transformative encounters with the Father. It’s something that shouldn’t be delegated to someone else who has the “discipleship gift”.


Artist Guild

A table is being set for a Southern California Community of Artists coming together around a beautifully prepared meal; creative inspiration; spiritual identity; and a powerful love for God, one another, and our neighbor.

Artist Guild: A table is being set for a Southern California Community of Artists coming together around a beautifully prepared meal; creative inspiration; spiritual identity; and a powerful love for God, one another, and our neighbor.

We host these amazing gatherings every 60 days. We don’t advertise. We are building this community through invitation and relationship. If you’ve been to an Artist Guild it’s because a creative who has attended invited you. We have seen hundreds of people through our short time we’ve been gathering. And now a younger generation has been joining the “experienced artist” crowd. We are intentionally setting the table for mentoring relationships to be birthed at Artist Guild. If you are creative and would like to come to our next Artist Guild in May, I invite you to contact me and we will add you to the guest list.

At Artist Guild, we set a table. Invite creative people over. Holy Spirit breathes life into the table conversations, the creative story-telling, the invitation for deeper relationship with God and other artists. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. It’s Supernatural. It’s Love. It’s bigger than us because it’s His. We were simply invited to join Him.

Here are some photos from our last Artist Guild looking at the Art of Collaboration. Norm Stockton and Dave Owens shared some thoughts and music from Norm’s latest offering “Grooves and Sushi” We so value relational connection with creatives from all over So Cal, enjoying an artfully prepared meal and intentionally pouring into their spiritual lives..

Party for the Soul Summer 2019

A Three Day Creative Retreat is in the works.

There is something so powerfully transformative that happens when we retreat from our normal rhythms of life and get away with others from our creative tribe and with the Lord. Our Third Chair Curation Team have been involved with many impactful Creative Retreats from my time with The Worship Mentor Network and The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, as well as the organizations and churches they have served with. We have begun with prayer and we are moving to look at some dates that might work in the near future. More information to come as we get downloads from God.

Artist Guild One Day Retreats

We have a uniquely diverse community of creative people. Many are seasoned veterans, a few are rising stars and many are somewhere in between. We are in the planning stages of hosting One Day Retreats for Songwriting, Live Painting, Photography, and Cooking. We are also working on workshops for the Rhythm Section, for Guitar and for Vocals. Look for these Artist Guild Day retreats to be made available beginning the Summer 2019. Contact roy@roycochran.com if you’d like information about one of these Day Retreats or if you would like to offer your experience to help us offer another creative expression to grow in.

2019 Spring Update - part 3 Life, family, ministry - Third Chair

Roy & Christine Cochran invited to serve as Ambassadors for David’s Tent

David’s Tent is a 72 hour non-stop worship event where people gather from all around the world, across different denominations and church expressions to worship Jesus.

David's Tent SoCal


What began in the U.K. is now spreading to the U.S. There have been so many confirmations that have revealed that God is breathing on this and His heart is beating for the Southern California region. We are beyond excited to see this all unfold in San Diego at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and for us to experience the presence of God together as we influence a region and gather the nations.

Our Personal Invitation to you to attend David’s Tent

A life changing 3 days of worship where the ONLY agenda is giving building an alter for thousands of people to come give God praise, adoration, worship . . . really!


I was first invited to be part of David’s Tent (DT) in England in 2014. I returned again in 2016 to experience something I never experienced before; 6000 people completely “ALL-IN”, in expressing worth and honor and praise to God for 72 hours in the English countryside. This was NOT like a huge music festival. This was freaking Holy Ground and I am not one to be hyper-spiritual. I was completely undone in His Presence. The hunger for expressing praise and honor in this crowd was nothing I’ve ever experienced. They were there for God, not the worship leaders on the stage. And when one of those worship leaders wasn’t leading from the stage, they were either cheering on the other leaders or they themselves were on their faces in worship. David’s Tent is an invitation not an event. The historical David’s Tent was set aside solely for God’s manifest Presence. Today you and I have become “David’s Tent”, the mobile tabernacle set aside for God’s manifest Presence. At David’s Tent, this wonderful truth about you and I became real in a fresh powerful way to my heart.


Fast forward to 2019. David’s Tent is coming to the USA! In fact, it will be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds October 10-13 this year! Christine & I have been invited to be Ambassadors for David’s Tent and we couldn’t be more honored. We want to connect as many of you to DT as possible. There are so many opportunities to become involved from leading worship to serving as one of 250 Kingdom Builders who join us in hosting our first David’s Tent in the USA this year.

It’s not coincidental that DT is landing in Southern California. Our region has been undergoing radical and lovely transformation in recent history and many of us have been walking in the wonder and reformation God is doing everywhere we turn. I believe David’s Tent is becoming a beautiful harmony and catalyst to all God is already stirring up in So Cal. Tiffany & Justin Buhler, the executive directors of David’s Tent UK and US have moved to our region here in Carlsbad. They are planting roots down with us here in Southern California. It’s an honor to walk with them and invest with them.

If you want to join in with us at David’s Tent, there’s a place for you as well as your church community! I’ll include some links or you can just give me a call and we’ll get you connected. I believe in the next few years, when we look back at this first season, we will see that God Divinely called the perfect team of people together to host His Presence.

About David’s Tent

Since 2012 we have hosted an annual 72 hour non-stop worship event where thousands have come away to worship together. We have been stunned by the tangible sense of unity, explosive passion and vibrant community that has emerged over the years both at the summer festivals and regional worship nights. more about DT. . .

David’s Tent Worship Leaders 2019 - Steffany Gretzinger, Jason Upton, Jonathan Helser, Jaye Thomas, Jeremy Riddle, Lindy Conant, Sean Feucht, Cageless Birds, Olivia Buckles, more about Worship Leaders. . .

Team Builders - At David’s Tent, Team Builders play a pivotal role in volunteering to help build DT. For more information on how to become one, please click on the button below. Help us build David's Tent SoCal! SIGN UP

Regional DT Worship Nights - Join us thoughout the year as we gather in unity with people from across all different denominations and church expressions to lift up Jesus at our regional events.

We’ve already had 2 DT Worship Nights this year with Jeremy Riddle and Jason Upton. Our next DT worship Night is happening in April.

DT Worship Night with Sean Feucht & Henry Haney - April 6, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Location: The Movement Church - San Marcos / 1609 Capalina Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069

Worship Night Tickets

This will be a free event, but registration is required. An offering will be taken during the evening.

2019 Spring Update - part 4 Life, family, ministry - Third Chair

Growing our Value for Worship

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Matt 6:22


I’ve invested the last 35 years of my life learning & practicing what it means to worship. It’s my response to what or who has “WORTH” in my heart. In my case, that would be God. What started out as a musical response we also call worship, has expanded to the majority of my life being lived out as my response, my worship to God. My response is first and foremost for Who He is for the big stuff He brings into my life - salvation, healing, provision, power to overcome my past, vision, miracles and for the daily stuff He adds to my life - companionship, comfort, hope, forgiveness, friendship, encouragement, the beauty of nature, the love of music and art, the joy of friends, and faith. I’d place all these things and more into an over-arching expression I’d call Him LOVING me.

At times, His love comes through people like YOU. At times through my wife and children. At times His love comes through total strangers. At times He speaks directly into my heart. At times He illuminates scripture. At times through a sunset on the water. At times through a song or someone’s story. His LOVE just keeps on coming in real ways and I keep on responding as honest, humble and grateful as I can. We want our worship to be AUTHENTIC right? Straight out of our hearts. What we all desire regularly is a fresh revelation of Him loving us as a Father.

So what or who we have “VALUE” for (aka our treasure) is where and what our hearts will feed on and respond to. In my case, that would be God. My first encounter with God’s Presence was in a musical worship service. The REALITY of God invaded my heart and mind. My body responded with tears. Lots and lots of tears. Funny thing is, my body continues to respond that way 35+ years later. When His Presence is invading our space, tears flow. That’s just me. I leak.

One of my joys and privileges through the years has been leading people into His Presence; into an encounter with the powerful Love of God through times of sung worship as a worship leader in a few local churches. These days, I don’t get the opportunity, as much, to lead times of sung worship, but I continue to lead people into His Presence in other ways. And now, my wife Christine, gets to lead people into His Presence WITH me! So cool! A major response of ours (aka worship) is to join God in loving creatives, artists, worship leaders, musicians, visual artists, film makers, authors, choreographers, actors, dancers, story-tellers and make believers. We have devoted our lives to this mysterious invitation by faith. This tribe of men and women are and will be those who invite others into an encounter with God through their creative expression. These expressions are increasing & overflowing Sunday mornings into the most unlikely venues 7 days a week! A person’s life, overflowing the love of God IS MINISTRY. So wherever these creative’s go, there is ministry.

Our expression of worship/ministry is released into culture through the way we live through Third Chair. Christine and I have been invited to join Father, Son and Holy Spirit in loving this creative community by setting a table where they belong, speaking identity into their hearts and inspiring them in their imaginations.