Merry Christmas 2016 & ThirdChair

It's our desire that each of you reading this update would actually be experiencing BEING LOVED! Be it being loved by your spouse, being loved by your kids, being loved by a friend, being loved by a significant other, being loved by a neighbor, being loved by a parent, how about being loved by YOURSELF. You DO know that you were created and designed to be loved and to impart love?

You all have probably heard it said that GOD IS LOVE. You may or may not agree with that declaration depending on if have or have not encountered being loved by God. Not just agreeing with that statement to be true but to actually EXPERIENCE God loving you. 

I have growing relationships with hundreds of artistically gifted people all over the world. Some create and share their talents in the church, some do not. Some are people who have a relationship with God and go to church and there's a growing number who have a great relationship with God are currently not attending a church on the weekend. Some might not even identify themselves as a christian. Some of them say that our time together in a coffee house is like "church" for them, that they feel a connection with God; that our conversations about Him as a Father, as a Creator, about their uniqueness & significance and how they are beginning to pay attention to their own hearts. About how their lives as artists, as creative people and about how they might express what is in their hearts through their artistic expression. Why do you suppose that is? I believe its about LOVE. I believe it's about RELATIONSHIP. I believe it's about our HEARTS.

Why is it, you think, that so many people believe that having a relationship with God is primarily about changing your behavior to gain acceptance from God, that you have to first pledge allegiance to His set of laws to get Him to love you. Many of you know there is so much more to the story of God loving us even while we ignored Him. There is never a time in history that God is not loving us. The challenge is to discover WHY so many of us cannot receive His love. Distortions of His love for us, people in relationship with Him living loveless, legalistic lives who can seem to have a quest to get everyone around them to believe as they do can be so harmful  and destructive to culture. Getting back to the story of a mysterious simple love that came at such an incredible cost is what the human heart will respond to. Jesus said all of scripture, doctrine and laws are summed up in this: Love God with everything you have and Love others as you Love yourself. How far some of us have drifted through the years away from this kingdom reality. I believe THAT is the Christmas Story. Love came towards us and now it's our move . . . to respond. What might that response look like? Maybe it's as simple as saying in your heart, "yes God, I want to know what it's like to have you love me." Truth be told I continue to respond that way even after 30+ years of relationship with Him, I still find my heart saying, "yes God, I want to know what it's like to have you love me . . . reveal to my heart what that looks like for us."

I believe it is significant that scripture says that God has chosen to make His preferred habitation IN OUR HEARTS, not in buildings, not in the heavens separated from the children He created in His image, but IN OUR HEARTS. That is the place He loves to love you. That is the place He loves to speak with you. I am finding that most of us let our head's talk ourselves out of living from our hearts. We tend to live through what our head's can agree with, what is logical, what we can understand and control, truth be told. 

So, it REALLY IS our desire that each of you reading this update would actually be experiencing BEING LOVED! That you would experience God loving you as a Good Father/Parent loves their children; that you might dare to believe in your heart that God sees you first and foremost as His child Whom He desires to have a loving relationship with and that you would have the grace to LOVE the YOU Whom He created. You are significant! 

Generous People Leave A Legacy Of Significance.

Don't you find that to be true? People generous with their resources, generous with their time, generous with their money, generous with the doors they can open just seem to have large, significant lives. Seems the more they share, MORE comes into their hands. We believe this is a "GOD" paradigm. 

So many of you fit this description. You are generous people. Some of you have partnered with us financially in ThirdChair. If you are not already supporting our ministry, WE REALLY NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTION at this time. I believe it's a BEAUTIFUL thing that we NEED each other.

So we humbly & unashamedly ask that you would consider joining us and help us with a MONTHLY gift. We are solely dependent on the gifts from people like you who invest with us into the hearts & lives of creative people. Or please consider a generous Year End Contribution to Roy All donations are of course, tax deductible. 


We invite you to prayerfully support this work of connecting artists to their hearts and destinies.







Joey O'Connor support video 2016

Please listen to a brief encouragement from Joey O'Connor, President of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.

All donations must be received by the 25th of each month for them to reach us on the 1st. 

Please make ALL DONATIONS from my website .  We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me

Strengthening & Encouraging

the Spiritual Lives and Creative Work of Artists

Pictured below here are just a few of the people whose lives are being impacted through your donations. It's humbling AND exciting to see Father's favor on our expression of love called ThirdChair. This really doesn't reflect half of the lives & expressions we are connecting with. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for encouraging us. Thank you for walking with us. 

Photos: Trevor & family with Father Heart Leaders from Overseas, Mako Fujimura at a Culture Care Conference, Garden Echo, Guitar Legend Arnie & Holly Vilches, Artist Thomas Clark, Father Heart Ministries Das & son, Illuminator Stephen Proctor & Christine, Henry Haney and his new guitar from ThirdChair, Rick Sainz from Red Seal & I, Party for the Soul, Chris Falson, United Pursuit comes to the OC, Gary & Bridget from the Horizon Praise Band, Rusty & Maryann Lawrence LoveLooksLikeSomething, Cara Sullivan at 3CatNight Studios, Andrew Moberly 3CatNight Studios, Keith Felch-owner of 3CatNight Studios, British Worship Leader Lucy Grimble & bass player Charlie Thornton, Canadian singer/songwriter Eles Theissen, Abide Night of Worship at the Ruckle's, Amy Pearl & Jay Huzil album release show, Capitol Records Building, Studio A, singer/songwriter/producer Paul Clark mastering his latest record on vinyl at Capitol Records, Executive Producer of the movie Restored Me Alan Chua & I, Simon Matthews from FatherHeart and his family in England, Julian Wiggins producer/composer/creative director of the upcoming Cirque style show about the Love of the Father while we were in England, Danny O'Callaghan leading with Joe Urquhart at David's Tent in England, tour curator from St.Mary's in England, St. Mary's sanctuary.

Third Chair Plans for 2017

• Weekly Mentoring

pastoring, coaching, opening doors, challenging, dreaming with Worship Leaders, Musicians, Singer/Songwriters, Visual Artists, Film Makers, Photographers, Pastors, Technical Artists, Authors, Producers and Dreamers.

• The Artist's Table

A Gathering for Artists to come to a table with one another, share a meal, share some stories and encourage one another into the life as an artist and as someone growing in their relationship with God.

• Father Heart Gathering for ARTISTS

Partnering with FatherHeart speaker Leonard Hays, we hope to invite ARTISTS to get away for 3 days and soak into a fresh revelation of Sonship specifically curated towards the hearts of His sons & daughters who's uniqueness is found in their ARTISTRY. 

• Worship Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2017

We have been invited back to Brazil to speak to the hearts of the Worship Leaders & Songwriters of that country. Our great friend, producer, worship leader & songwriter, Andre Aquino has been connecting his country with worship artists such as Kim Walker Smith, Jesus Culture, Bethel Music & John Mark McMillan to name a few. We are honored to come along side this movement.

• Cirque du Soleil style Show about the Love of the Father

That's right! This show is currently being developed and the people who say "they MUST be part" are some of the who's who in this industry including Cirque Star, Erica Lenz. ThirdChair is involved at a producers level connecting with the hundreds of Artist relationship we have developed through the years, story development through the unique lens of looking at the FatherHeart of God and communicating this without words in a Cirque du Soleil styled world class show in Las Vegas, and in ministering to the cast and crew of this show. 

• Creative Workspace

We hope to procure a space and develop a co-working community of artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, writers, musicians and more who believe that we create better together in an environment brimming with creativity.

• Refreshment Retreats at Chateau Cochran

Many of you know that at any given time there is usually a guest or two staying at our home for 2-4 days. Many of them are coming in off a tour, some are friends who are in town or in country and desire some extended time with us. We have seen SO much break-through, encouragement and refreshment come in these times. We have a desire to expand and extend the experience by building a uniquely styled Guest House in our large backyard.

• Songwriter's Woodshed

We hope to begin gathering and writing songs together with both local Southern California Songwriters and encourage their craft through nationally known Songwriters I am in relationship with. Partnered with 3CatNight Studios, recording support in a world class studio is part of the benefits songwriters who belong to this community will enjoy.

• ThirdChair House Shows  

We hope to see 2017 filled with many house shows featuring local and national artists sharing their gifts with us in an intimate setting. We currently have 2 venues and are looking to discover a couple more venues we can bring and share beautiful evening filled with story-telling, some filled with songs of worship

Summer 2016 News

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The latest from & ThirdChair Ministries

Hosting our friends from Malaysia with FatherHeart Ministries treating them to tacos at the beach

Well it has been a FULL Summer for the Cochran's and for ThirdChair ministries. We are brimming over with excitement and anticipation for all Father is stirring our hearts with, for the invitations we are receiving and for the doors God is opening up for us. 

Our next steps include a ministry trip to England, announcing dates for our Artist's Table Gatherings, announcing dates for some ThirdChair House Party's, some exciting partnerships with a Recording Studio and funding platforms for artists. 

We are also discovering more and more people, like many of you, who are called to walk along side of us with their time, with their contacts and with their support in this adventure of saturating the earth with hope through the creativity of artists experiencing the love of God. 

Perhaps YOU are the next person we will discover who wants to join us in setting a table, opening doors and connecting artists to their hearts and destinies through ThirdChair ministries. Let's have coffee and talk about it.


Trip to England via Flagstaff

David's Tent, The Love of the Father & Cirque du Soleil

We will be leaving for Arizona on Tuesday Aug 23rd for Connor and he will move in on Thursday morning. That same Thursday afternoon after we move him into his dorm, I will be leaving out of Phoenix for England to be part of David’s Tent, serving in any capacity they might need "me to be me" for the event and the artists. I also will have 2 days to connect with an artists friend and do some writing/planning for a new production that will be a Cirque du Soleil style production with amazing orchestral pop music that will hope to tell a story (without words) of the Revelation of the Love of the Father. Talks are currently taking place for the show to be seen Internationally. Currently there are invitations from 5 countries for 6-8 week runs 5 days a week. Crazy right? And I hope to connect with our friend Simon form Father Heart ministries while I’m there. My trip will be a little more than a week wrapping back up in Phoenix for a meeting and then home. 

Head vs Heart

We had another financial surprise as I really had not planned on going to England as all our resources are so far extended just getting Connor off to College but a long time friend who I sat next to at a Red Seal last Tuesday evening asked if I was heading off to England out of the blue. I said, “no, not really planning on it with all the expenses of college, etc." He says, "I think you are supposed to go so how much do you need?" SO …. that’s how this trip came to pass. And like our trip to Armenia, we are also sensing that Christine might supposed to be on this trip. We currently have no way for that to happen but, my amazing wife has already packed a bag anticipating an 11th hour provision by Father. We have not seen that provision . . . yet,    but invite you to join us in praying into this adventure possibility with us. 

What impossible possibilities are stirring around in your hearts that your head has talked you out of? Please let us join you in asking Father to speak into these stirrings and to take a actionable step of faith towards those things in He may have placed into your heart. It’s what Love would look like, right?  To encourage each other more and more for the impossible things of the kingdom. Let’s stir one another up to be a group of sons & daughters who actually care enough about one another’s dreams to DO something about it.

Third Chair House Shows

Chris falson and friends at Party for the soul

Chris falson and friends at Party for the soul

An interesting observation I've come to notice is how much time and energy I tend to spend TALKING ABOUT GOD, ABOUT THE CHURCH, ABOUT THE ARTS, when all the while my heart genuinely desires for those I'm communicating with to EXPERIENCE GOD LOVING THEM, EXPERIENCE THE CHURCH LOVING THEM, EXPERIENCE THE ARTS BRINGING BEAUTY AND TRUTH AND WONDER to their lives. I'm challenged by this personally. How little time we seem to invest in helping one another DO and STEP INTO what and WHO we are talking about. We believe this current "prompting" is from God so one of the ways we are responding to Him with what we are calling Third Chair House Shows. These House Shows will be a place, a venue, an environment in which we will allow ARTISTS to BE ARTISTS and share their artistry with us and our friends. A place where WHAT IS IN THEIR HEARTS can come through their artistry. The type of Artist or Artists will determine what KIND of HOUSE SHOW it will be. Because of our relationships with such a diversity of artists, we are going to be able to present a wonderful palate of different LIFE-GIVING evenings.

Gungor communicating at Lost & Found

For instance, we are speaking with UNITED PURSUIT about an evening of worship. We are speaking with artists about an Immersive evening of LIGHT and SOUND. We have some artists who are bringing the overflow of God loving them into mainstream Indi-Pop Music. Where can you bring your relationships who currently have a different spiritual outlook or social value than you do? When Jesus met Zacchaeus, a person far from ever believing the kingdom of heaven was at hand FOR HIM, Jesus went to Zacchaeus's house party. Where can we bring the Zacchaeus' of our life where they can encounter the love of Jesus in a setting they are comfortable with? Jesus could have invited him to his "stadium event" or to "the weekend service" He was speaking at but instead Jesus entered into Zacchaeus' environment. Jesus just being Jesus was a light they probably never expected to encounter at Zac's party. 

"LIVE" art painted by Tom Clark at Party for the Soul

"LIVE" art painted by Tom Clark at Party for the Soul

We belive that when these artist's hearts are filled and overflowing with the love of Jesus and the love of the Father and are empowered by the Holy Spirit, an evening of Indi-Pop music and storytelling can be the most life changing , anointed environment ANYONE can experience. It's not a bait & switch strategy. It's a belief that beauty has power. It's a hope that artistry can open eyes to see more. It's a truth that the One we call God is an Artist. A discovery that Holy Spirit anoints all kinds of artistic expression, not just worship songs. It's an understanding that people have a capacity for mystery and that in the midst of a song, in the middle of a story, while gazing at a work of art coming to life, that God can speak to ANYONE's heart and they can experience Him loving them. 

Third Chair House Shows presents:

Indi-Pop Artist Eles Theissen 

On Tour from Canada

Friday Night, September 23rd - 7pm • The Cochran House 4985 Via Marta, Carlsbad, CA 92008

We INVITE you and your friends to an up close and personal evening of music, storytelling, enjoyment and inspiration with Eles at our house. Feel free to bring you favorite beverage of choice to enjoy during the evening.

I would describe Eles' music as kind of a cross between Jason Mraz & John Mayer. Here's one of his music reviews .... "Honest and courageous songwriters, the ones that touch our hearts, have always had the ability to bear witness to the darkest corners of their souls and still inspire and uplift us. Elessar's newest full length album "A Rainy Week in Paradise" exposes us to longing, angst and agony, fear and shattered confidence, and yet comes through it all with hope and joy, rooted in love, truth and deep faith."

Come on out! Bring a friend. Feed your Soul. Stir your creativity. Enjoy and support ARTISTS. Eles will be making his recorded music available for sale that evening. There is no charge for this event but may we suggest a $10 donation to support the evening.

On the Family Front

Trevor: Trevor has been home from his travels abroad. Four months in Nepal and 6 weeks traveling through much of Western Europe is a life changer for a 20 year old young man. Trevor is living back in Carlsbad and working at a local coffee house. I'd say he's still processing his trip and all his heart encountered along the way. He is exploring fresh ways to encounter God in experimental worship environments. He is committed to grow in his musical vocabulary. He continues to press forward in his film making and developing some clients who need video help in telling their story for both web-sites, social media and crowdfunding. He is also working with promoting the Motion Picture "Restored Me". Trevor's style and "way" will always be left of mainstream in his pursuit of a fully alive adventuresome life of knowing God loving him just as he is. 

Connor: Connor is in his first year, actually his first MONTH of attending Northern Arizona University NAU. He's all moved into his dorm room and is adjusting to the pace of life as a full time student. Gone are the days of "Surf PE" at Carlsbad High (although he does have a rock climbing class) and so as Connor put's it, "Things got REAL!" His photography expertise has already been recognized as they jumped him into Photo 200 classes immediately. And through he will continue to pursue his gift as a photographer, Connor's major is in Business. Math not being among his favorite or easy subjects, Connor is pressing into this new challenge of academics. It's a pretty steep learning curve and he's had his initial "I'm outta here" freak outs (NORMAL). He is settling in and getting to work figuring out his new rhythm and life challenge. 

Christine: Christine simply goes after 110% of living life! Consistently challenging the boys & I to really LIVE life vs just surviving. We both are adjusting to the idea that we are "empty nesters" although the nest has yet to be empty. We continue to have a steady flow of people coming in to stay with us, including Trevor from time to time. Christine has also started working at Sprouts fresh produce store as a cashier a couple of month's ago. It's a big change for her and for us. While she is an obvious light full of love in the store, it's simply hard work and a really different rhythm. Now, if you know Christine you know that she is probably the hardest worker you ever seen. She can crank! It's just a different kind of fatigue she is adjusting to. She continues to meet with ladies one on one and hosts LoveLooksLikeSomething at our home every Sunday evening. This new season as Third Chair continues to unfold for us and in us. 

Sadie the Bernese Mountain Dog: Sadie continues to be a comfort and 150lbs of love at Chateau Cochran. 


We invite you to prayerfully support this work of connecting artists to their hearts and destinies.

Become a monthly supporter. Our monthly supporters allow us to mentor artists weekly, cover our travel and curate artist gatherings.


Make a generous Single Gift to Third Chair. These generous single gifts have historically come at JUST THE RIGHT TIME to keep us going. 


All donations must be received by the 25th of each month for them to reach us on the 1st. 

Please make ALL DONATIONS from my website and not through The Grove site. We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me

February / March / April 2016 News

Roy & Christine at the Love Like Jesus Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ

Friends, we are so excited to introduce you to our Next Step . . .

What is ThirdChair ministries?

ThirdChair ministries is the brand new ministry Roy & Christine Cochran have just started. We believe God has invited us to take this next step with Him in loving people, in helping them discover and deepen their personal relationship with God, to gain an identity as sons & daughters being loved by a heavenly Father and to manifest that love to their world. The specific people group of our focus is and has been the creative community of people known as artists. We believe that through ThirdChair, God desires to encourage artists to make room for the reality of His presence. ThirdChair will be active in setting a table and opening doors for artists, that through their artistic expression, each manifestation of the love of God that pours out of their hearts will bring light, beauty, hope, healing and love into our world, into our communities, into our churches and into our hearts.

To me, THIRD CHAIR represents a huge shift. A normal shift for anyone in relationship with the Living God. A shift from talking about God to speaking with Him. A shift from learning about God to knowing Him. A shift from trying to live the christian life correctly to simply letting Him love me. A shift from serving in ministry for Him to being invited to love people with Him. This is the reality that we are leading the creative community of artists into, a life with God. A life experiencing Him loving us. ThirdChair is setting a table for the love of God in the hearts of artists.

At Our Core: We are living in an age in history where God is revealing Himself as Father in an unprecedented way. His invitation to us is to live as His children with the hearts of sons & daughters. We are finding that this revelation and sound biblical teaching of the Love of the Father working through hearts that are open is producing a transforming, life-giving message of Love, Life and Hope throughout the earth. We are finding a Father that loves us with a love that reaches beyond all human expression of what love is. This truly is a love that surpasses knowledge. Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus has opened the way to the Father. 

Our Hope

Saturating the earth with the good news through the creativity of artists experiencing the love of God

Our Strategy

Providing inspiring, transformative encounters for the creative community of artists, bringing them into their true identities as sons & daughters and encouraging their creative reach in this world as artists, both in the church and outside the church.

Our Focus

Setting a table and opening doors for artists, conversing with artists about identity and possibilities, connecting artists to their hearts and their destinies.

Our Methods

Pastoring & Mentoring - Each and every week Roy has the honor of giving his time, his talents and his heart to worship leaders, songwriters, film makers, visual artists, technical artists, musicians, producers, authors . . . you get it . . . to ARTISTS. These conversations are the backbone of our ministry. It's where transformation happens in the loving environment of real relationship. Roy's reputation of love, experience, safety and his unique heart for artists has invitations and requests for his time coming from all over the world. It's both an honor and unfortunate that Roy's heart to mentor artists is so unique. Our heart is to "activate" as many mentors as possible to join us at ThirdChair in developing the spiritual life & creative work of artists.

Artists Gatherings - Roy has been curating artists gatherings on a local & national level for the last 8 years. A new season of Gatherings are currently being curated for Southern California called The Artist Table. Artists are invited to come together to share a meal and feed each other's souls. These unique times together are filled with inspiration, love, space and the gift of BEING with others like you . . . with artists who are "all in" with the calling God has given them.

Songwriter Getaways, Workshops & Coaching - Songs have the unique ability to go right into the heart. Their place and value in culture and in the church are undeniable. Millions of songs are downloaded by millions of people every day. When the hearts of today's songwriters are alive to the love of God AND are skilled at the craft of songwriting, they have the ability to speak into the hearts of everyone who listens. In church, the songs we sing inform our theology as much as any sermon. Today's & tomorrow's songwriters need our help today. Our churches and our culture need music that can speak life into them with beauty & truth.

Retreat Cottage - We have vision for a retreat cottage or travel trailer in the backyard of the Cochran's home to give Artists some space during their time of ministry. There is a pretty steady stream of people who come to stay with the Cochran's for short term or longer stays. Many are artists who come for a time of refreshment, for some soul care or just a for visit. God has done TREMENDOUS work in the hearts of those who come to stay with them. Currently, guests stay in their Guest Room in their home.  

 The Story Behind the Name

So, where did the name ThirdChair come from, you might be wondering? Here's the story behind the name.

I had been serving at a large megachurch as their worship pastor for a few years when I began to hit some walls spiritually and relationally. I really had no one I thought I could talk to about it. A mutual friend recommended that I go see a couple, Jeff & Joy Beal who ministered out of their house up in Encinitas, CA. So I did. Jeff, recommended that just the two of us meet. 

When I arrived, I was struck by how humble and how lovingly optimistic he was that the Lord would speak to my heart. He offered me a seat and then pulled out a third chair for someone else. I asked, “Is someone else joining us this morning?” To which he replied, “Oh yes! This chair is for the Lord. Let’s not just talk about spiritual things and what He would have us do or what He might think. Let’s ask Him to speak with us right here. It’s not polite to talk about Him & what He would say and not give Him an opportunity to speak for Himself. After all, He is alive, He is here and He really cares about what you are troubled by. So let’s give Him a chance.” 

I think I rolled my eyes, of course not so he could see, but I “went along with it.” Jeff began to thank God and encouraged me to join in. We opened up our bibles and he thanked Jesus. He thanked the Holy Spirit. He thanked the Father for caring so much about me, for knowing everything that was going on in my life, for walking right beside me even though I may not have known He was present. He thanked God for His calling on my life. Then He said, “Roy why don't you tell Him what’s troubling you?” So I did. And as I spoke, I had the real sense that He was sitting RIGHT THERE IN THAT THIRD CHAIR listening, caring deeply, hearing me. When I had finished, Jeff then gently said, “Now let’s listen to what He might say.”

So I did. As we sat there in silence, we looked up verses that came to mind our bibles, my heart and mind began to go to memories, then He directed me to some scriptures. Jeff seemed to be able to know this and asked me, “what is He showing you?” So I told Him. Then He shared some things that the Lord was showing him regarding me. He asked me if it made sense. It made wonderful perfect sense not only to my head but to my heart. Then Jeff wrote down a scripture and a sentence or two that the Lord had spoke to us about on a 3x5 card and gave it to me. Then He sat back, smiled and said, “Isn’t He wonderful?”

That day began a relationship for the two of us that continued on for the next 17 years before he went to be with the Lord. He was my friend, a pastor to me, a mentor & guide, a spiritual father. It was as if when I was with Jeff, I had “improved 3G signal strength” to hear from the Lord. That probably was true . . . for a while, till I had faith for myself. That day also began a fresh new dimension of my relationship with God.

To me, THIRD CHAIR represents a huge shift. A normal shift for anyone in relationship with the Living God. A shift from talking about God to speaking with Him. A shift from learning about God to knowing Him. A shift from trying to live the christian life correctly to simply letting Him love me. A shift from serving in ministry for Him to being invited to love people with Him. This is the reality that we are leading the creative community of artists into, a life with God. A life experiencing Him loving us.

So What Have You Been Up to Over The Last 3 Month's Roy?

That's a great question. The most direct answer is that Father has been working on my heart in a deeper way. He's been convincing me to an even greater degree of His love for me, teaching me how to receive from Him in deeper parts of my heart. He's been showing me where fear has been robbing me. He's been mining out the gold in our relationship. He has been focusing my heart on His invitation to join Him in loving Artists in a transformative way. This process is one that is difficult to communicate about while you are in the midst of it. It's not been that fun or pleasant but it is love because it's leading me into greater depths of freedom, focus and dependency on Him. And how can I walk with Father inviting people into greater revelations of freedom through being loved by Him when I'm not experiencing that same freedom? I'm not thinking there is an "arrival point" in this journey but I believe there are places He brings us into on our journey with Him where we experience REST and PEACE no matter what is going on around us. So while being in this deepening process for the last few months, it's been difficult to communicate. I have come to a place where I just need to let you know where we are at . . . today. 

Marc Ford & I talking about the Love of the Father & how THAT changed everything for him.

Marc Ford & I talking about the Love of the Father & how THAT changed everything for him.

For close to 30 years, I have served in full time ministry with some amazing ministries. I was honored to serve with each and everyone of them on their church & ministry staffs. NOW, for the first time, Father has called us out to begin a NEW work with Him that we will be leading. So when I say we are going out "on our own" it's not entirely true because Christine and I have YOU, our brothers and sisters who know us, pray for us, support us and walk with us. And we will be leaning on you and Father like never before. In fact, it's an impossible dream He has invited us into but we are ALL IN!


I believe NOW is the time for groups of creatively gifted sons & daughters, aka ARTISTS, to be:

Gathered • Inspired • Encouraged • Supported • Celebrated & Loved in a unique, creative and powerful way, starting in Southern California.

Help Us Launch

Join Us By Becoming a Monthly Supporter

Throughout history, the arts and artists have always depended on the generosity and investment of patrons who see the value and need for art to continue to inspire, inform and beautify our world and  culture. The Lord has moved many of these patrons to fuel His artists. ThirdChair needs supernatural provision from God through everyday people like yourself who hear and respond to the promptings of God in your heart. We need regular, monthly supporters to partner with us so that our investment into the spiritual life & creative work of artists through Mentoring, Pastoring, Gatherings, Workshops and times of Ministry can be a transforming gift. Your gift allows Third Chair to be that gift.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter today or to make a generous one-time gift for this month? Launching out on our own has required Christine and I to put everything we have out on the line. We are all in and very confident of this calling Father has invited us into. We have been SO encouraged by the Lord and by so many of you who have already been faithfully supporting us through the years. 


At the heart of this invitation please hear that we are moving forward with ThirdChair in peace. Our provision is the Lord. Our rest is the Lord. Our hope is that we can operate in this expression of Love called ThirdChair ministries WITH YOU. There is literally a NATION of people who are creatively gifted and are called to express their heart as artists. They are hiding in plain sight. While what they DO is easy to see, much of their spiritual lives are not being nurtured by anyone. Father has shared His heart with us to lovingly serve & nurture this people group into their place in the kingdom, as sons & daughters and their voice & expression in this world as artists. You are invited to love them with us. 


Please click on Become a Monthly Donor button to join our ThirdChair ministry family.

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*note that the cut-off day for each month's gifts is the 25th. Gifts made after the 25th will not be received by ThirdChair ministries for 30 days.

Thank you for the time you've invested in reading our news letter and to allow us to share this exciting invitation to minister to artists with you. Love, Roy & Christine

I believe when you invest into artists it will have a direct impact on:

CHURCHES where many of these artists are vital leaders of congregations who reach thousands of people every weekend.  The result; richer, bolder and more mature worship in our houses of faith. More diversity in our expressions from neo-liturgical eucharistic communities to modern communities. We need to widen the narrow band-width of expression in our times of worship.

COMMUNITIES where they are influential stewards redeeming culture through film, social media, music, art and other creative endeavors. The result; creative awakening to the saving grace of God in our culture.

CAUSES where many are encouraged to step out our faith to support needs locally and globally. The result; renewed awareness and compassion for those in our midst and abroad. Artists are always at the forefront of causes. 

January 2016 News

Enjoying each other at one of our local restaurants in Carlsbad.

The Cochran's are taking a Next Step in their Story of Walking with God & Loving Artists.

As we announced last month, we are excited to communicate with you about a Next Step He is leading us into, a New Season of Loving Artists. Caring for their Hearts, Connecting them with the Father and their Identity as Sons & Daughters, speaking into and making a way for them to step into their God-given destinies & futures. So what does THAT look like in 2016 and beyond?


So what does THAT look like in 2016 ?

What I believe Father has invited me to join Him in:

Local artists AJ DeGrasse, Julian Rodriguez, Cory Coffield connect & hang out with Nashville producer/drummer Jared Kneale

I’m a connector. For the majority of my life I have enjoyed an unusually strong connection with God. It seems to continue to grow stronger. Connecting with people is life giving to me. I seem to be really great at connecting with people. I connect them with God. I connect them with their hearts. I connect them with their futures. I connect them with truth. And I love to strategically connect them with the right people they need to know. (and when I say "I", know that I really am speaking of the ONENESS of God and me)

It’s been said of me that I am the most connected “nobody” in the world.  Better said, it’s mind-blowing how many people connections I have for someone with my history. It’s a gift from God. It’s weird. People’s lives change through it regularly. 

Gary Santo-Pietro, Steve Antie, Gina & Norm Stockton and Paul Clark sharing a tender NAMM moment.

Ever since God has become a Father to me and I have chosen to live as a son unto Him, my identity is becoming pretty bullet-proof, I’m His son and I’m in a place of continually being loved by Him. This gives me crazy amounts of freedom. Freedom to really be able to connect people to their futures God has for them without needing to get anything else out of that for myself except the joy of seeing others connect with who they really are. The whole world benefits when Artists become connected with their hearts (as sons & daughters) and with their futures (as Artists). Because Artists Influence Everything, the condition of their heart colors everything they create. Proverbs 23:7 says, “as a man thinks, or believes in his heart so he is.” We all need someone who will help us become connected to our heart, one that is fully alive through being loved by God, someone who will help us find our true identity, someone who will help connect us to a larger community who can open up doors and opportunities for our futures in God. In this way, our ministry becomes a GIFT from God., an artist/producer from Canada spent a month with us at Chateau Cochran. My son, Connor Cochran shot this photo for his album & website.

When an artist receives the gift of connecting with their hearts, with their future and with God, an amazing thing happens. Their life is changed.  Their Identity is solid. Their hearts are so transformed by love that everything they create carries the aroma of the love of God. They also become someone I am able to connect with other artists. They become MENTORS who help new artists begin connecting with their heart and with their future. 

I’m a connector. It’s not a skill. It’s a gift. The Father has invited me to join Him in caring for these sons and daughters of His who are gifted as artists.

Our ministry, our life, is a GIFT from the Father, lovingly connecting Artists to Himself as sons & daughters through the loving expression and life of His Son Jesus, empowered to BECOME Love through His Holy Spirit. 

What I believe Father is inviting US to do together with Him:

If you are reading this letter, you make up an extremely diverse community of people whose lives I somehow have intersected with. You have a heart for Christine & I. You value the community we are called to love. You love what creativity in the church can release. Your resources are deep. Your influence is vast. Your connections are many. And together, the possibilities are mind-blowing! A key I have learned while being around artists with endless imaginations is not so much what can we do, but what MUST we do. What has Father invited us to join Him in?

Some of you have shared ideas & dreams with me. And I have shared ideas & dreams with some of you. I know that there are more. Some are still simmering in our hearts & imaginations. Here are a few of those ideas & dreams that we believe God is breathing life into in 2016.

Songwriter Workshops, Getaways, Collaborations - Songs have the unique ability to go right into the heart. My first REAL encounter with the loving presence of God was in a worship service. In church, the songs we sing inform our theology as much as any sermon. Through worshipping with these songs, many have encounters with God's presence. In culture, these songs can become a fresh voice speaking of a loving God whom they may not have encountered. When the hearts of today's songwriters are alive to the love of God AND are skilled at the craft of songwriting, they have the ability to speak into the hearts of everyone who listens. The importance and value of songwriters is under attack these days. I have deep connections with some of today's most influential songwriters and producers.  contact me to get involved

Retreat Cottage / Trailer - If you know us, and most of you do, you know that there is a pretty steady stream of people who stay with us. Many are artists who come for a time of refreshment, for some soul care or just a for visit. God has done TREMENDOUS work in the hearts of those who come to stay with us. Currently, they stay in our Guest Room. We have vision for a retreat cottage or travel trailer in the backyard to give them some space during their time of ministry with us. Let's see how God might provide a space for an increase in the number of people we can love by inviting them to our home, into our lives & hearts. Some of you may have an old trailer sitting around that you might consider donating. Some of you who are craftsmen may be able to help us see this dream come to life. This can be a fun, creative project. contact me to get involved

Pastoring • Mentoring - Each and every week I have the honor of giving my time, my talents and my heart to worship leaders, songwriters, film makers, visual artists, technical artists, musicians, producers, authors . . . you get it . . . ARTISTS. We can be found mostly in coffee houses. Anywhere we can have a great conversation. These conversations are the backbone of our ministry and where deeper connections with God, their identity and their calling are forged. I am really splitting my time between San Diego, North County San Diego, Orange County and occasionally up in LA. While the big investment here is our time, we do end up driving a ton of miles.  contact me to get involved

Artist Gatherings - Over the past 8 years I have had the privilege of curating some life-changing Artist Gatherings. Some have had amazing voices like Brennan Manning, Ian Cron & Chris Falson speak into our hearts in inspiring locations. Some have been hosted locally in Tom Clark's living room with a gourmet meal and local artists feeding each other's souls. These unique times together are filled with inspiration, love, space and the gift of BEING with others like you . . . with artists. I look forward to seeing some of these Gatherings come together in 2016.  contact me to get involved

Giving in 2016 - This is already starting out to be an incredible year. We are praying for a larger community of monthly donation partners. And some of you have already stepped up and increased your monthly amount. Thank you so much.  Please make ALL PayPal DONATIONS from my website and not through The Grove site. We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me for any questions

LoveLooksLikeSomething Sunday Night Gathering - Every Sunday Night at 5pm a few of us get together at our home in Carlsbad and share a meal together. We also share our hearts for each other. When the Love of God invades your heart it's supposed to have an effect. Not to make you into a better person, but into a LOVED person. And when God's love is received by you in your heart, there is an opportunity for us to respond to Him and love Him back. Well, we figure that when God is loving you and you are receiving His love and responding to His love it might LOOK LIKE SOMETHING. For some it looks like worship. For some it looks like buying a meal for someone who needs it. For some it looks like flying to Nepal and loving the unloveable trying to survive after their earthquake. For us on Sunday nights, it can look like praying for one another, sharing with one another and encouraging one another. God is love and His love is manifesting in our hearts . . . and it looks like something.  contact me to get involved

Here are a few Stories from the last couple of months of connecting with Artists.

click on picture then mouse over picture to read story

On the Family Front 

Just last night we sent Trevor off for his Love Looks Like Something World Tour. He will be loving people in Kathmandu, Nepal for the next 3 months. From there he travels to Chennai, India to meet up with some roommates from his year at Bethel. Trevor plans to send home stories on film of what Love Looks Like from the streets of Kathmandu and from India. We are working on a website so you can stay informed and inspired through the ways God is loving people through my son. 

Connor is considering attending NAU (Northern Arizona University next year. Connor is pursuing developing his amazing photography gift professionally as well as pursuing a business degree. I think NAU is going to allow him to create a hybrid of both for a specialized degree. Till then he is finishing up his senior year at Carlsbad High, enjoying this easy semester, clicking off photos and surfing every week. 

Christine is the HEART of all that makes this family what it is. Her relationship with the Father is seasoning EVERYTHING with LOVE, with GRACE, with CREATIVITY, with FREEDOM. She curates an environment for our family and for everyone who comes through our doors in which you feel inspired to be yourself, to be welcome, to be who you REALLY are. If you have not hit her up to come to our home and share some time together, well, you are missing out.

And then there is Sadie the Bernese Mountain Dog who is always excited to great everyone who visits our home at Chateau Cochran. Somehow, even our dog seems to be a source of love for people who come to visit. If you would like to spend extended time with Sadie as a house-sitter when we have to travel, please let us know.


I’m connected to people with huge, generous hearts. These friends are also sons and daughters of God. These friends love & believe that God is in this expression. They believe we are with God and He is with us. They also love to see people who are Artists connecting with their hearts and their futures. These generous friends understand that Artists influence everything. Because of that, being connected to God is really important. These friends financially support our ministry, and our family. Because of their ongoing gifts, we can become a gift to these artists. 

Would you consider joining us by becoming a monthly donor?

We are asking the Father for an increase of $3000. per month this year to step out into the new areas He is leading us. To do this, we are praying for a larger community of monthly donation partners - people like you who don't have much but invest sacrificially. Some of you have already stepped up and increased your monthly amount. Thank you so much! 


Please make ALL PayPal DONATIONS from my website and not through The Grove site. We have made a few changes and it's best to simply give through our site. Thank you. Please call me if you experience ANY difficulties in giving to us. contact me

Click on the HEART to make a donation today

Thank you


2015 Nov / Dec 2015 News

Exciting Year End News

We are so excited about a new season of loving artists with the transformational love of god!

We are so excited about a new season of loving artists with the transformational love of god!

Hello friends

We LOVE and appreciate everyone of you who are receiving this Newsletter. You are the people who believe in what God is doing in and through us. Many of you are regular monthly supporters. Some of you send in a love bomb in once or three times a year. Each and everyone of you have been and continue to be a tremendous source of encouragement and support to us over the past 8 years since we accepted God’s invitation to join Him in loving and ministering to artists locally, nationally and even internationally through living like missionaries dependent on His provision through supporters like you. It’s an incredible miraculous story of provision that defies logic and has shaped our hearts through the years to follow Him wherever He leads.

  The Cochran's are taking a Next Step of faith

  The Cochran's are taking a Next Step of faith

We are excited to communicate with you about a Next Step He is leading us into, a New Season of Loving Artists. Caring for their Hearts, Connecting them with the Father and their Identity as sons & daughters, speaking into and making a way for them to step into their god-given destinies & futures. And it all starts in 2016!

The exciting faith-filled news is that we are launching out to start our own ministry in 2016! 

A name and press release are all still in the works. The Grove is very supportive of this next step and all our donations will continue to come through them. Serving with Worship Foundations through the Worship Mentor Network and with The Grove Center as a pastor•mentor to artists have been invaluable formative seasons for us and together we have seen amazing fruit from the lives of artists we have and continue to serve. It has been such an honor to serve these two great organizations whom I will continue to have relationship with. But now The Father has invited us to take a next step with Him. He is opening up even more relationship doors with artists in mainstream arts and entertainment as well as with artists who serve in the church. He has invited us to take this next step of faith with Him. We are saying YES! 

Here are a few of the Artists we have loved on the last couple of months

click on image then mouse over to learn more

Here are a few photos of just a few of the lives that WE are investing into. Some are songwriters. Some are recording artists, musicians & worship leaders. Some are movie producers. Some are storytellers. Some are visual artists. Some are technical artists. Some are from small churches. Some are from mega churches. Some are from LA. Some are from Nashville. Some are from San Diego. Others are from NewZealand, Australia & England. ALL ARE GROWING IN THEIR IDENTITIES AS LOVED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD. And THAT has changed EVERYTHING about their hearts. All of the artistic expression that brings truth and beauty to the world comes out of the hearts of Artists. Through the influence of the artists that you and I minister to, literally hundreds of thousands of people have had their hearts touched by God through the expression of love that has come out of these artist's hearts. And now we get to take it to the next level with this Next Step!

Would you prayerfully consider making a generous 2015 Year End Gift to Year End deadline is Sunday December 27th.

Joe Urquhart holding down the rhythm section on tour with Recording Artist Brendan James.

Thank you for your continued generosity, for investing into the lives of artists with us. With this expansion in ministry, we are asking the Father to expand our resources and support to love more artists with the Father's Love. Would you please help us reach our year end shortfall and invest in our Next Step? We are currently short $16,500 for 2015. I'm confident we really can make this up. They say "many hands lighten the load". I invite you to jump in with us in loving these artists who influence everything!

If you have never supported our ministry, would you consider making a Single Donation of $100 or more?

If you are a monthly supporter,would you consider making a generous year end gift in addition to your monthly donation?

Click on either of these links above to make a donation.

Christine, Sadie Mae & Roy celebrating our great friend John Hovis' book "VICTOR" being published!

Christine, Sadie Mae & Roy celebrating our great friend John Hovis' book "VICTOR" being published!

One of the greatest truths we have learned about serving God full time over the past 25 years is that we were never meant to minister ALONE. In a world where Christian Celebrity is highly valued, we have found that God seems to always breath on ministry centered on His Love and expressed through a community of people being continually changed by His love, loving and supporting one another with all their God-given resources, reaching out in love to everyone around them. Thank you for living and loving WITH us. It's making a difference in the world. It's making a difference in us.

Grateful, Hopeful & Excited about 2016 with YOU!

Roy & Christine