Artist Guild is gathering a community of artistically gifted people overflowing with the love of God in Southern California. We plan to meet every other month on a Monday night as that is usually the only evening many artists are not working. We believe Artist Guild will become a home to many accomplished & aspiring artists where mentoring will be part of our culture.

Some of the voices who will be sharing at our JULY Artist Guild will be:

Rheanna Downey - Singer/Songwriter

CJ Casciotta - Writer • Media Maker • Advocate for Weird Thinking

Tommy Murphy - United Pursuit School of Worship • OC Worship

Chef Sue Bibee - Menu: Spanish Paella, Summer Side Dish Melons, Herb Salad, Desert, assorted beverages & wine

Roy & Christine Cochran - pastor • mentor • friend to artists - Third Chair 

Plus YOUR VOICE! Come and add your voice, your experience, your gifting, your heart to this emerging community of creatives.

This "guild" will be marked by conversation, inspiration, spiritual intimacy and artfully prepared delicious food. There will be a diversity of Artists from many artistic disciplines who have a voice in the culture of Arts, Entertainment and Worship Arts. 

More than simply a "gathering" we hope to build an association of men & women who will encourage and support one another. We envision a unique guild of artists who will share a common goal of "becoming" the Good News and expressing that Love in and through all of our artistic expression. We believe the reach of these artists will extend all over the world. 

Artist Guild  gathers every two month in San Juan Capistrano. Our next Artist Guilds will be held on September 10 & November 12 in 2018. We plan to continue throughout 20129.

For more information on being part of Artist Guild, please contact: 619.520.9907