Artist Guild is gathering a community of artistically gifted people overflowing with the love of God in Southern California. We plan to meet every other month on each Second Monday night as that is usually the only evening many artists are not working. We believe Artist Guild will become a home to many accomplished & aspiring artists where mentoring will be part of our culture.

 Roy & Christine Cochran, executive Directors of Third Chair

Roy & Christine Cochran, executive Directors of Third Chair

WHY be part of the artist guild?

Because YOU, your creative expression, your relationships, the world around you - ALL GET UPGRADED when you are LIVING LOVED.
Loved by God as a son or daughter directly by Him AND by Him through others being loved by Him. You were DESIGNED to live loved.

A TABLE is being set for a Southern California Community of Artists; coming together around a beautifully prepared meal, creative inspiration, spiritual identity and a powerful love for God, one another and our neighbor. 

An awakening is happening in the hearts and imaginations of creative "sons & daughters" who are "all in", around the world and definitely in our region of Southern California. Third Chair is setting a place at the table for you if this resonates with your heart.

Won't you join us?


This Month at Third Chair's ARTIST GUILD
our focus is




At our next Artist Guild we are going to explore what it means to awaken our spiritual eyes and ears to listen to what the Spirit is saying and to hear how His love is being proclaimed and whispered through creativity. We will take in the art of some of the visual artists in our midst as we bring new meaning to the term “Listen up.” At this Artist Guild gathering you will be allowed space to listen with all your senses, but with a focus on the eyes being the portal to your soul. 

In addition to our LISTENING time with visual art, our evening will also include:

dinner with dreamers, time to connect, a time of worship and encouragement.

Evening Menu - Chef Sue Bibee

• Walnut Crusted Baked Chicken 
• Sweet Potato with Grand Marnier Orange Glaze
• Salad - Arugula, Roasted Pepper, Burrata, Pear
• Carrot Cupcakes with Toasted Coconut Cream Frosting


WORSHIP - Justin Hoeppner, Norm & Gina Stockton, Joe Urquhart  

At this Artist Guild we will set the table for you to encounter the presence of God through a special time of worship.


DEEPEN - Roy & Christine Cochran

Executive Directors of Third Chair will host our time together. Their hope is that each artist who comes to our table would experience community, encouragement & inspiration that would fuel them as artists who are being loved by God.


Craft Beer 

Our good friends, Tim & Beth Moseley are local Craft Beer Makers/Artists. Tim is brewing something special to share with us at Artist Guild.


     What you can expect at Artist Guild.

  • An exciting environment with people from "your tribe"

  • You will meet other creatives who are daring to "be themselves"

  • A deliciously prepared meal by our "in-house Chef".

  • Inspiring Artists who will share some of their story & their art

  • Encouragement in your identity as a sons & daughters of God

  • An interactive time for questions, perspectives and response

  • To experience the Love of God


Invitation for MORE:


 If you would like to join us in hosting these Artist Guilds with your unique giftedness, we would LOVE IT! Some areas we would welcome some assistance in would be:
Cooking with Sue, technical set up and tear down & mixing, curation of our creative times together, publishing - photography, social media, communications, welcome table, event set up and clean up.

Speak with Roy Cochran if you would like to get involved or would like to know more about Artist Guild.

Images from some of our ARTIST GUILDs